Out with the old and in with the new LOL

I met this guy at a bar when I was 19. He was from a different place than me and because of that we really enjoyed one another's company. We had a lot to talk about because he had just moved to the same city as me. The first night we met we had amazing s**. We had a lot of s** from that time and onward. We loved spending time together! After a year he proposed to me. I knew when he asked that my heart said no, but I said yes. I was engaged for three years because of university and many expenses. I think now that we subconsciously didn't do it sooner because we both knew it's really not what we wanted.

My best friend came to visit me after not seeing her for years. We decided to take a trip down to Montana to one of my favorite places I have ever been. Since the first time I had visited this place with my fiancé I knew I wanted to live there one day. The people are amazing and so is the scenery!

The first night my friend and I went out to a bar and ended up meeting a lot of cool locals, but to be safe we decided not to go to a party with them. We were waiting outside the bar for our ride when the same people we met pulled up in their truck and asked us to come once again. We decided to walk with one of their friends because it was only a block away and wanted to be responsible. Half way we decided not to go and turned around. We went back to call for a ride. Our ride pulled up and at the same time the truck pulled up with the same people and once again asked us to go. My friend and I debated and finally decided to go. I ended up talking to one guy all night and then all morning and the following day. We did not sleep and ended up having s**, after going for a drive together, at the top of a mountain. It was the most amazing thing that happened to me. We then spent 5 days and nights together until the end of our trip. The fifth day of our trip he told me before he left for work, "do you know how much I want to tell you I love you!" I shook my head yes and he sped away. We were apart for two days when my girlfriend and I decided we had to go back. So we did for four more nights... things only got better. I had the time of my life and have made life long friends at this place as did my girlfriend.

When we came back to the reality of our lives I told the guy I met that I wouldn't have s** with my fiancé because I did not want to. I ended up calling off the engagement. The funny thing was that my fiancé agreed that we had become best friends as well. We both didn't get upset and we are both happy with our decision. We went back again for five days and once again had the time of our lives.

I talk to this other guy every chance we get. He texts me every morning and tells me how beautiful and gorgeous I am and how much he misses me. I feel the same way and can say without a doubt that I would marry him in a second if he proposed. I had the time of my life with this man and dream, think and stare at his picture all day every day. I never thought it was possible to feel so in love with someone. He is truly everything I have ever wanted in a man.

Of course I have thought a lot about the honeymoon phase, but my heart is telling me how real this is. We love each other. It has only been 26 days since I met him and only 11 days since the engagement has been off.

Sep 6, 2011

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  • My dog acts the same way in heat.

    Ever wonder why some men call women b******? Yah. Thats why.

  • Ah, summer love.

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