So any confessions!!!!

I am a guy from India currently in USA. I am very sexually active and have high s** drive. Found my sexuality at the age of 11 even when there was no internet at my home, I used to develop all these fantasies. At first I thought it was weird but as I grew up and came in contact with rest of the world, I came to know there are people like me out there. There are some confessions that I would like to make. Some of them no one knows.
1) Being in joint family, my aunt used to live with us and she is a sexy lot. I used to steal her panties and bras and used to stare at her and m********* a h*** lot. I remember masterbating to her 5-6 times a day. That was at the age of 12. So, I was a pervert from a very young age. I have stopped this now, thank God.
2) I was homosexual between the age of 16-18 with my cousin brother. We used to m********* each other watching p***, rub each other p**** and suck on each other. He got married and we started maintaining a distance in a bid to keep his marriage safe just in case his wife finds out and she doesn't like it.
3) For a very brief period in my life, when I was around 15, I used to m********* to my Mom. It was for a very short period. I felt guilty about it and stopped it soon. Now I know, it was just extremely high teenage sexual drive which doesn't let you know what is wrong and what is right.
4) I developed this liking to be sucked by males when during a threesome, hubby accidentally sucked me. It startled me but I liked it. I guess, because of my experimental nature, I tend to like most things. After that, I have played with only bi couples where I have lived every fantasy of threesome bisexual p***.
5) I have been given used panties by a very close female friend. I used to wear them to work and college quite often. It was just beautiful and it used to turn us both on.
6) I have been with women close to my mother's age. They ere 60 years old and I must say, kind of b****** I have received from them, no one ever came close. Some of them repented later when they came to know I was their son's age. My favorite was to choke them with my c***.
7) I have fantasy of watching my cousin sister and aunt in a lesbian action. God! Both are s** Godess.

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  • When I lived in Tamil Nadu, a fruit seller used to give me head for 50 rupees.Sometimes she wanted me to ram my erection up her. I was the only white man she'd ever had. Although she'd given birth to 3 children, her hole was still tight. She explained with her hands that my rod was much bigger than that of her husband, and that I pounded her harder.

  • I'm born with a very very strong s** drive and uninhibited. I seen my mother's huge v***** when she was passed out naked on her bed, she drank to much and passed out while changing her clothes. The first c******* and l**** I had seen other than in a magazine, and she's got a very large c******* and lips. I got so excited seeing it protrude out from between her thighs that I still m********* thinking about it.

  • Cool

  • Sounds hot besides you being a body oder indian part.

  • You are weird

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