It was me!

I'm the one who called the cops on my husband after I discovered his browsing history through a site full of child erotica. He doesn't know it was me yet, and I'm not gonna tell him until after the divorce papers are signed just so so he can have his heart ripped in pieces. Mine sure as h*** was. I hope his pedo ass stays in jail FOREVER.

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  • You go girl.

  • You are such a dumb b**** I'm going to blast you on my stream if you weren't such a dumb c*** I'd have you come on and debate about it

  • Stevie sweetheart, you've forgotten your meds. Again.

  • Steven's feeling triggered because he's terrified someone will find HIS child p*** stash.

  • There's something wrong with your stupid f***** up head.

  • You are a absolutely disgusting piece of s***

  • Don't ever tell him because he might seek revenge on you whenever he finally gets out of jail. Instead just be glad that you did the right thing. Good work! ~

  • My first cousin was molested by her father. I always suspected something was wrong but after this scumbag died she told everything and it turns out this slimy bastards first daughter by another woman suffered the same way she had.

    Like I sad he died and unless he's in H*** he got away with it.

  • Being honest I love p*** and a lot of different kinds of p***, but NEVER would I partake in child p*** of any kind. I just don't get how children can be sexually arousing.

  • I don't understand it so it's bad and I'm going to ruin someone's life over it pathetic c***

  • Good going lady.

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