Has anyone heard the loud eery trumpet sounds coming from the sky?

This is not a joke - I'm from Boston, and was surrounded by approx 70 people outside - 2 of us heard it and ducked ; we both made eye contact and when I looked around to gauge other people's reactions I realized nobody else heard it - which was in itself alarming. I shrugged my shoulders to the child that heard it to so he wouldn't be frightened, now I am trying to figure out what it was! It seems that if it were atmospheric changes that others would have heard it. Has anyone else heard this? I heard it in a Oct 2015

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  • Oh and the earth is flat

  • Yes it's true it's called project bluebeam look into it. The Virgin Mary appeared to Africans a couple of years ago. There was a showing of the 3d sound and light technology in Atlanta a few years ago. They are gonna plan a fake alien invasion no s*** !

  • The youtube crowd is losing its s*** over this. There's nothing to it. NOTHING. It's just total crap and everybody just needs to calm the f*** down.

  • Apparently only the truly insane can hear these sounds.

  • Typical debunker statement

  • So you think a 4th grader can be insane, and I'm a teacher

  • I think you and the 4th grader are bonkers. Bonkers.

  • Both teacher and student are either (1) insane or (2) lying. No other explanation exists.

  • ...... and dogs .................

  • .....fake as f***...........

  • This is nothing new. They have all been debunked as hoaxes. All of them.

  • Yes. Hoax. And infustrial sounds. Train brakes. Bull doser. Etc. its been debunked. People on jewtube post vids. Coppying the same noise with the same background low frequency noise.

  • Not mine LIAR

  • Them what made the noises? It sounded like a cruise ship horn or trumpet and was extremely loud! I do live near a train crossing and thought that maybe a train derailed but none had. I have lived within miles of the Union Pacific railroad, and many others throughout New England and have never experienced anything like it before!

  • Sounds are beingheard the world over. Its caused by climate change and what you are hearing is the amplified sounds of melting permafrost and icebergs and plates of ice.

  • "Amplified sounds of melting permafrost"? Seriously? What you are hearing is the unamplified sound of internet bullshit. Grow up.

  • Then why did the other 68+ people standing around us not react? It was jarringly loud!

  • They didn't react because it never happened. NEVER HAPPENED.

  • Look it up on YouTube, it's happening around the world. Some say is the beginning of Gabriels trumpet to mark the beginning of the end of times.

  • Thank you!

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