Has anyone heard the loud eery trumpet sounds coming from the sky?

This is not a joke - I'm from Boston, and was surrounded by approx 70 people outside - 2 of us heard it and ducked ; we both made eye contact and when I looked around to gauge other people's reactions I realized nobody else heard it - which was in itself alarming. I shrugged my shoulders to the child that heard it to so he wouldn't be frightened, now I am trying to figure out what it was! It seems that if it were atmospheric changes that others would have heard it. Has anyone else heard this? I heard it in a Oct 2015

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  • Oh and the earth is flat

  • Yes it's true it's called project bluebeam look into it. The Virgin Mary appeared to Africans a couple of years ago. There was a showing of the 3d sound and light technology in Atlanta a few years ago. They are gonna plan a fake alien invasion no s*** !

  • The youtube crowd is losing its s*** over this. There's nothing to it. NOTHING. It's just total crap and everybody just needs to calm the f*** down.

  • Apparently only the truly insane can hear these sounds.

  • Typical debunker statement

  • So you think a 4th grader can be insane, and I'm a teacher

  • I think you and the 4th grader are bonkers. Bonkers.

  • Both teacher and student are either (1) insane or (2) lying. No other explanation exists.

  • ...... and dogs .................

  • .....fake as f***...........

  • This is nothing new. They have all been debunked as hoaxes. All of them.

  • Yes. Hoax. And infustrial sounds. Train brakes. Bull doser. Etc. its been debunked. People on jewtube post vids. Coppying the same noise with the same background low frequency noise.

  • Not mine LIAR

  • Them what made the noises? It sounded like a cruise ship horn or trumpet and was extremely loud! I do live near a train crossing and thought that maybe a train derailed but none had. I have lived within miles of the Union Pacific railroad, and many others throughout New England and have never experienced anything like it before!

  • Sounds are beingheard the world over. Its caused by climate change and what you are hearing is the amplified sounds of melting permafrost and icebergs and plates of ice.

  • "Amplified sounds of melting permafrost"? Seriously? What you are hearing is the unamplified sound of internet bullshit. Grow up.

  • Then why did the other 68+ people standing around us not react? It was jarringly loud!

  • They didn't react because it never happened. NEVER HAPPENED.

  • Look it up on YouTube, it's happening around the world. Some say is the beginning of Gabriels trumpet to mark the beginning of the end of times.

  • Thank you!

  • You "end of times" people are so cute. How many inaccurate predictions have you racked up by now, and when's the newest one? I'm sure it's just far enough into the future for us to supposedly worry over, but not far enough that people will get bored of living in "suspense" and tell you where to put your idiocy. (Insert cries of "we Christians are soooo persecuted" here)

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