Crush on my aunt

I find my aunt really sexy and very very hot. She's looks really mature and has a curvy look. She has nice b******, mature plump ass and since i have a foot fetish really nice size 9 feet. I tend to take candid pictures of her ass and feet and when visiting her house I go to her closet and sniff her panties bras and shoes and sandals. I've fantasized of f****** her many times. Also, I used her phone once to view her gallery and found a picture of her breast in a purple bra and I sent it to myself. She does not know any of this. I want to have s** with her so bad.

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  • I have a foot fetish and my Aunt is my #1 go-to for feet! She knows and is open to it...she let's me kiss them a lot and I have worshiped her feet. No footjob though

  • Wow that's actually f***** up

  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • 32 yo man. My 57 yo aunt is the light of my life. We live together. She lets me wear her clothes and shoes and lets me worshsip her sexy feet. She knows it really turns me on, but she forbids any kind of sexual contact. Just to be allowed to try to be her and engage my foot fetish is enough.

  • Where's the fake as ---- comment?

  • What is the worst that could happen if you tried something? Start by giving her a shoulder rub. Then work down the back and up the sides. Woman love to get messaged. when giving a back massage suggest she lift the lower back of her shirt up a bit so you can give a better message. slide your fingers down her sides lightly if you start to see goose bumps your getting there. Just move slowly. All she can do at that point is say no.

  • I used to have a similar fantasy about one of my Aunts. I used to stay with her for a couple of weeks during the school summer holidays and when she was out I always used to smell her used panties. The smell of p**** was overwhelming on her little panties. In the evenings I used to sit on the floor between her legs and could see her panties and again I could smell her p****. But nothing more happened apart from occasions where I maneuvered the situation so she would see me naked and once or twice when I saw her t***. But I still remember it very fondly 40 years on!

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