I hate Malaysia and being a Malaysian

Malaysians are very narrow-minded. I just- I don't know, man. I'm in my last year in high school and I'm entering a university next year but honestly I just want to migrate.

I just want to get the F*** OUT OF HERE.

Firstly, I love English language. I think it's a very beautiful language and I do love writing. But here in Malaysia not a lot of people can talk in English fluently. English subject is compulsory since kindergarten but I'm very much astonished why everybody gets very low mark for the subject. I just don't get? Malaysians don't like English language - that's what I realized. If you speak English in front of them you'll be labeled as "poyo" which means a "show off". If you talk English in front of them you'll be labeled as someone who's "betraying his own country". I just don't f****** get this? Learning different languages is great! I'm planning to learn Japanese, Chinese and Korean to but I don't see any other Malaysians who'd do the same as me. They'd hate me if they know about this, to be honest. That's how narrow-minded they are. They won't accept how I just like talking in any other languages. And just because I talk in other languages doesn't mean I'm betraying my own country! F****** losers.

Secondly, all Malaysians do is gossip, gossip, gossip. They love pointing out other people's flaws. They love talking behind their friends' backs. And the worst thing is that their daily conversations are filled with gossips and stupid topics about dating and s***. If you're looking for someone to talk about something deep like your deep fears, wonders about the world or just about News - they'd have no idea. You'd most likely be silent the whole time - because you just can't slip into their conversation - it's just too stupid to handle. I've been alone since in kindergarten, mostly because of this.

Next, all Malaysians are f****** litter bugs! Seriously! They drink 100 plus, get on their bikes and simply throw the empty cans on the road. Even the drivers who smoke would just throw out the cigarettes out of their windows like it's nothing. It's such a horrible sight. Malaysians (especially men) spit a lot too! They're just so f****** rude. My school's corridor is FILLED WITH SPITS. Like, what the f*** is going on?! And dustbins are everywhere, by the way, why are MALAYSIANS SO LAZY TO JUST THROW THEIR TRASH PROPERLY FOR GOD'S SAKE?!
I really hate Malaysians because of this.

I like anime and manga, also video games. And I'm like the ONLY PERSON IN MY SCHOOL who does! If you mention about FF7 nobody will have an idea. But if you mention about a stupid Malaysian drama entitled, "Suamiku Encik Sotong" everybody will know! Like, what? They don't even know L4D2 - and even the MOST BASIC THINGS LIKE CREEPYPASTA, PEWDIEPIE, MINECRAFT AND HARRY POTTER. They just don't know and don't like them! I f****** hate Malaysians because of this. They're very self-centered and their interests revolve around this small f****** island, and not the entire Earth.

Malaysia is the most corrupted country ever. Don't even make me start on this.

There are more reasons why I hate Malaysia and being a Malaysian but this list might not end until the world ends if I do continue.

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  • Apa yg kau dapat kalau membebel dalam ni??
    Dapat habuk je...
    Do you think you're so good mentioning malaysia with worst things??think about it...losers...full of dumbness...don't you have any positive mind?
    Ni facebook aku...'Muhammad Sufi'
    Kalau nk marah aq kat fb marah je lah...

  • And don't forget: Malaysians can't fly for s***!

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