What do I do.

I have been with my GF for two years. She has a daughter i'll call her Leigh who has turned 12, well the other night while her mother was working she asked me if she could go out and meet her friend. I told her she could and told her to not be late has it had been getting dark here around 7pm.

She collected something for her room and she left. I went up straits and from our back room window I can she her friend house and I saw her go in. Around an hour later I was on the play-station and happened to look out of our back-window to see her and her friend coming out of her friends house but she was dressed differently to how see had left, She and her friend were wearing these strappy heels and they both had short black skirts on...

I decided to find out what was going on so I let them get some distance and put my hooded jacket on and followed them from a long a distance I watched cars slowing down and looking at them and some guys in one car shouted out of their car window. I continued to follow them into a park and waited for awhile and they were both stood near the slide talking to each other at this point I was in two minds to go over to them when some guys probably in there forties walking over to them they were smiling and from were I was stood talking. After about 20 minutes for them talking and laughing they walked off and I continued to follow them to a wooded area and I watched him give her friend what looked like money while his friend was keeping an eye out, as much has I wanted to intervene but just could not move out of curiosity.

Leigh and this one guy went down this embankment I tried to go around and get closer but was not able to because of the amount of noise I would have made around 10 mins later they come back up from this embankment and the guys left I watched Leigh and her friend walking back to the park and down back down the street, I followed them back to her friends house and I made it home. around 9pm she Leigh knocked on the door and I let her in but was dressed in the clothing she left in I asked her if she was okay and did you have a good time at your friends she said yeah, I knew she was lying because of how her face was she said she was going to be and I left it. This morning I went into her room and looked around when her mother was out I found her bag and I opened it, inside was her heels, skirt and this t shirt I looked at the skirt and there were fluid stains on the inside of it and it smelt really bad and the silver zip on the back was hanging off. I placed into the bag and left her room, I'm not sure what now but last night in that wooded area I had this adrenaline rush and my heart was pounding I could not sleep last night, this true and I'm going to get pictures next time because tonight shes at an after school club.


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  • Fake - this confession is spread across the internet!

  • Don't be dumb, you aren't going to accomplish anything by telling her mother, the daughter is going to do what she wants regardless what you do. Exposing her to her mother will only cause hard feelings and upset the home you're living in for everyone including yourself. You talk to the daughter and feel her out as to why she is doing that.. she will trust and respect you for not telling her mother and you'll carry some weight with her after that. Now some guys on here would suggest that you may want to blackmail her for s**, but if it's in your heart to help her to stop I can't see that happening cause she is all ready passed over and she must be enjoying her sexual perversion or she wouldn't be doing it. Maybe she'd be a whole lot safer and off the streets if you are the one paying her for it and keeping her home. Maybe?

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