I did it for the money

I'm not a S*** or a Tramp I'm a normal 19yo girl I live with my mother and my step brother (who is 17) sometimes stays, he lives with his father and is quite well off. I'm at school still and I have an addiction for Xanax I have been taking this for around 6 months when my step brother gave me some and he kinda supplied me for awhile. My confession really starts a few days before thanks giving. Our mother doing her usual shift at the local Hospital while I was reversing for exams I was offered around of Xanax by my step brother to take the edge away and stress from the revision which I happily accepted.

We don't see each other much he visits our mother and sometimes gives her money and that's really his involvement. Around an hour or later I went downstairs to relax and enjoy the benefits of the Xanax he had obviously been taking it too because he was in the arm chair with his feet up and looked stone baked. We talked about what we had been doing and he told me he made quite abit of money and his dad was helping him with setting up his own business. He asked me did I get his birthday present he get me, I said I did and said thanks. He bought me a triangle bikini string that's was silver and quite expensive branded one. He asked me if I really liked he and jokingly made a passing comment about seeing it one day I brushed It off has the Xanax and then we talked about my school work and how me and our Mother was were having a hard time with living expenses.

Around 1pm his friend turned up and they sat there and started on the Diazepam I watched them has they have taken it and they offered me some and because of my addiction I had taken that too, we were all high and my brother and friend was talking and his friend asked me about the Bikini and if I would model it for him I told him know and step brother was just laughing away being a bit of a J***. My step brother said they would pay for me to just try it on, I am broke I have around $50 to my name and curiously asked how much they would pay for there opinions on it or a preview they said $100 if I was to put it on, Now I was a little discussed but I have wore bikinis and one pieces before in the garden and I'm sure he was there, so I decided to take the offer. They said there were going out and would be back tonight so I went back to my room and continued my revision.

that afternoon my step brother messaged me asking me if I was serious about doing it and I texted him saying yes just remember the money. We texted abit and I asked him when? he said tomorrow evening when the House was empty. That evening came quick I kinda knew how wrong this was but I convinced myself I have wore theses before and Its not a big deal, so to numb the experience I downed the 2 Xanax tablets I had left and I felt great. I put both the bikini top and bottoms on and wore my bath robe over the top I texted him saying I was ready whenever and the house was empty he texted back asking if I had heels, I had them some where and asked him why, he told me his friend knows a modelling agency his friend works for and would take one picture and my name to this agency and my step brother said his friend would throw in an extra $5o dollars on top so I said I'll see if i can find them and I couldn't so I stole my mothers black strappy evening ones went down straits and downed another Xanax.

My Step brother and his friend turned up at 10 and let them self in I nervous as h*** and paranoid someone else knew about this so when they came into the front room I told them to sit down and I want to get this over with and made them pay me the money first. They were both off there face and I just removed the robe and there eyes lite up and I heard OMG and I said are you happy now and they gave me another Diazepam which I swallowed. Anyway I got high that night and after them offering money I gave them both a lap dance for 5 mins and they both paid me 200 dollars extra worst thing about this apart from him being my step brother while giving one of them a dance I removed my bikini top when I sat one of them facing them.

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  • You have some serious issues

  • I'm thinking you went further than that what u said, If I was ur brother,id made a sexy move on u & when u responded, I would've pulled my c*** out from a pr of ur sexy panties,and started stroking it,inviting u over to couch with me.

  • Bullshit

  • Who care what you have to say top yourself

  • Hot story

  • Shes sick

  • Did you get wet?

  • You are trash

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