Nasty Girl

Met a gal from Argentina about a month ago. She's 44yo 5'2" and a little curvy, but in a good way. Lovely face and smile, and I know the offers from men had to be a mile long.

We have had s** Three times and I can't go very long with her. She's like something from a nasty p*** movie. She's begging me to f*** her harder and moaning loud enough to where I expect the cops to show up. When I go down on her she just keeps c****** over and over almost non stop.

When I go to put my c*** inside of her she's drenched in a hot mess and begging me to f*** her as if her life depended on it. Then she starts moaning loudly and clawing at the sheets and it's over, I'm spewing like a virgin inside of her.

The last time I even tried wearing a condom thinking it would kill the sensations as I f***** her, but no dice there. I even asked her if that's the way she has always been when it comes to s** and she said yes.

I'm thinking we won't be together very long with me being Speedy Gonzales, but she says she enjoys what I do to her. Honestly I would enjoy going longer!

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  • The b**** sounds good to me, just keep f****** her because no other women would want you

  • So hot! My girlfriend makes me c** in under a minute. When we were drunk, she walked me off in front of her girlfriends. 33 seconds from soft to c**. They all tease me about breaking the 30 second barrier lol

  • I love when a woman makes me c** so quickly uncontrollably, I kinda like the humiliation of it. An old girlfriend realised putting her finger in my ass made me sum almost instantly, sh once made me c** under 10 seconds and told all her friends. When we apolitical up I slept with her friend who did the same thing to me, and laughed straight away. Best c** ever tbh.

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