My wife is fat

When my wife got pregnat she gained nearly 100 pounds. She used the pregancy to pig out and eat and eat. Now that she has had our baby, she continues to pig out every day. She is gaining at a scary rate. Last time she was willing to get on the scale she was 296, and she is only 5 foot 3. She doesn't seem to care about how much she gains. In fact, she seems to try to gain as much as she can, eating so much, she nearly pukes. What am I to do? She says she isn't going to lose weight, that she love being fat and wants to get fatter. Help.

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  • "Help".....lmao. what do you need help with....are you a man or a balless little b****. F*** that little piggy and enjoy. If you don't someone else certainly will.

  • My wife did the same thing. She's 5'-2" and when we were married she was chubby, about 160. She was tired of dieting all the time and just said "f*** it". Now 8 years and two kids later, she weighs about 390lbs. Doesn't bother me in the least. In fact I'm more attracted to her today than I was when we were first married. She's a happier person as well. Some women are just destined to be fat. It's been going on since Paleolithic times. Just look at the Venus of Willendorf statue and the other early mother goddess statues and you will see that fat women have been around forever.

  • If you don't like fat women, maybe get a divorce... Otherwise being a control freak can't be the answer.

  • Talk her into puking

  • I had a wife with a gambling problem. I talked to her until I was blue and then some. Finally packed my s*** and left, best decision I ever made!

  • Talk to her about your feelings. If she doesn't care enough to work with you, then you must leave her for your own good. The courts are unlikely to give custody to the morbidly obese train wreck...vim sorry to be so brunt. However, someone putting on a little weight is different than doubling or tripling in size. She's not the same woman you married. Sorry this is happening to you bro.

  • While you are commenting on her weight you could be getting her pregnant again.

  • That's an idea.

  • Well damn

  • You don't know what to do??? Enjoy her growing softness. I wish I had a wife like her. H***, I'd love to help her stuff her beautiful growing body. My wife has gained some over the years but keeps trying to keep her gain somewhat in check. I wish she would just let go and get real fat! Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get her fat?

  • Ha she would be single as f***! People tend to think its ok to be obese and just pig out! She doesn't care about herself and obviously you or her son if she's eating at that rate! It's bad for her health and she could die eventually!


  • Mmmm she sounds sexy. I want her to sit on my face. I love f****** fatties too. Keep your d*** covered in peanut butter, she'll be constantly sucking you off ;)

  • 296 pounds and 5ft 3in, wow man she is a fatty alright.

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