420lbs and still wanting to get fatter

I weigh 420lbs and i want to gain weight, get even fatter like an actual pig.

Nov 12

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  • Drink heavy cream… it’s delicious if you sweeten it and bound to clog some arteries, but God is it making me fat right now. I can’t stop drinking it.

  • You pig

  • OP-male or female?

  • Go ahead eat

  • Plz get help this is very bad for your health

  • Yeah sir

  • I starve my wife so she is thin and boney

  • Is she ready for RAEP or what? Seeh!

  • Are you a guy or girl.

  • Presbyterian. Also will ** your mom with a jockstrap. Ouch!

  • That's not healthy tho.

  • Eating ** isn't healthy but it's great. My name is Joe Biden.

  • I know the feeling. I’m much smaller though. Trying to get to 200 is a struggle right now. Lol

  • Just remember to deep fry your ice cubes. You need all those extra calories!

  • I would if I could :)

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