My girlfriend is making me fat

My girlfriend has recently taken to giving me very high-calorie foods, and lots of it. I've heard of people gaining weight in a relationship, but I think this is beyond that. I started out at being about 175 lbs and I am now over 290 lbs and still gaining. She never objects to my size and seems to not mind it, and even might enjoy it, because she sometimes teases me and calls me her "little pig" and she even rubs my belly a lot.

She bakes all the time and makes the most delicious food, and she always has me "test it out", which means she makes me eat half an entire cake while she watches. I think just in the last 7 days I've eaten at least 3000 calories a day. This hasn't been good at all for my health, and I've developed a huge belly that hangs over my legs when I sit, and there's no way to walk without my legs rubbing together. I'm getting huge!

The worst of it all is that I have almost no control over this. I haves huge sweetness to good food and baking, which my girlfriend knows, and I will eat anything she puts in front of me. Even as I get bigger, she keeps feeding me more and I keep eating more. There's no end in sight, and I've seen her sometimes look at people who weigh probably 600 lbs or more and I think she wants me to be that large. What should I do?!? Right now I don't really want to keep getting fatter, but every day my resistance to her gets weaker and I think that given time, I'm going to be a blob of blubber and fat. I need help!

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  • Hi if your girlfriend is making you fat. That can also mean she loves you. Maybe she like the person very big. I don't think she is an goldigger. The person is lucky

  • Updates?

  • Any updates? Did your girlfriend make you nice and fat? How much do ya weigh now?

  • There is no problem. She wants to make you eat and you like to eat. Every us love eat a good food. Some pounds over should not to be a problem. Seems she is trying to take care. So, she brings some food sometime. Stop to be a stupid person and just eat the stuffs. If you are not enjoying that, them you are gay.

  • She's a feeder and you are her feedee/victim. Be careful because she won't be satisfied until you are so fat that you cannot walk. I was a victim of a feeder in my younger years. my expeirnce was errily similar to waht you are now dealing with. I was literally fed like a prize pig until i could no longer walk or get away from her. At age 32 I just shy of 800lbs and suffered a heart attack whick landed me in the hospital and utimately in a nursing home so I could lose weight. it was a very long recovery and believe me losing the weight was a lot harder than gaining it. I'm now half the size i once was and living on my own again but I stuggle with my weight constantly. The girl who was my feeder has made repeated efforts to get back into my life but I won't give in to her. She is a dangerous predator and I can't let her back in. Don't make the same mistakes I made, stop eating explain to your girl how you feel and if she doesn't understand then get the h*** out of there.

  • Would you mind sharing more of your experiences in more detail, if possible? I find it a little hard to believe you willingly let her fatten you up to 800lbs. How did she coerce you into it? Were you willing to a point? Did you know she was a feeder when you were together or beforehand, were there signs?

  • Before you talk to her about your feelings and feed you with lies, check to see if she put a life insurance policy in you.

  • You need to talk to her and make her know what your feelings are about it. If you need to, leave the situation while you still can. If you're fine with her stuffing you though, go for it I guess.

  • Mule.

  • I agree she probably has a stuffing fetish. This is unethical and unhealthy the unethical being having you take part in it without your knowledge. I'm all for fetishes and whatever floats your boat but anything that involves weight and possible health issues just isn't cool. Get away from the b**** while you can still move!

  • She probably has a stuffing fetish. Just explain to her that you don't like it, and that you want to stay in shape. That's what I would suggest.

  • Everything is moderation. If she loved you, she would be concerned for your health. Heart disease and diabetes are all related to weight gain. You have the ultimate control.. just make some compromises. You can sample foods, but then suggest that together you both go for walks. Or try healthier recipes and cook with her. It some ways, what she's doing borders on abuse. But you're ultimately responsible for your own health, so really it's up to you what you choose and how much you choose to consume.

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