50 Shades of Gay- Part 3

A few more minutes of teasing his b****, he promptly asked me to get back to sucking his c***. I must admit that I quite enjoyed this. I worked him sufficiently to erection and excitation when he said "Ok now, get on your fours". I knew what would follow. I did exactly as ordered, put my head down and thought to myself "here it is! Here’s the moment I lose my a*** virginity" as he proceeded to pull his shorts down, roll the rubber on to his d***. HE took out the tube of KY jelly and I stuck my hand out so that I could lubricate myself well over and above what he's applying to his own d***. He gave me some and I gently started smearing that on my a*** and gently inserting first one finger and then another and pushing it in as deep as I could. Some more of the lube and I was all set to have him pound my mangina.

He positioned himself behind me between my legs and adjusted his height and angle and slowly started inserting the head first and pushing it deeper. Initially it was what you would expect- the feeling of something big invading your a*** but then once I relaxed and felt ok with that, he slowly began going in slightly more deep and then it hurt like h***. He wanted to keep going but I knew that this was a problem with the angle. So he made me flip around, lay on my back and have my legs up in the air, chicken style, with my ass pointed out. He then was able to enter with relative ease and slid it right in. And BOY! What I felt cannot possibly be justified with words alone but here's about how it feels- you feel a shaft going in and then your r***** is quite clearly confused and you start getting the feel of a bowel movement. But the trick lies in relaxing and letting him deeper inside you till the p**** disappears and all you can feel is his b**** slapping your butt.

Once he was deep inside me, I lifted my legs up and rest them on his shoulders and hugged him tight and close as he thrust himself deeper and deeper to my moans of pleasure and occasional displeasure. And this went on and on and on to a point where I was just tired of this. I just wanted him to c** and get out of me and my place. It got so boring and monotonous that it felt like we were not having s**, but more like he was doing s** to me. My ass felt just fine though, he was just doing something with his d*** up my alley. This whole time though, I noticed that I did not have a h******. In both the previous cases, beyond a certain point (usually after 5 minutes of novelty), his foreplay and my sucking just felt like doing it for the heck of it. Beyond those first few minutes, I didn't do it because I wanted to or loved to, it was more like I had to.

Continued in final part

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  • So how do you feel? Are you ashamed? Because something similar happened to me but not like this.

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