I ** a friend

Ten years ago, when I was 22 and my friend was 19, we were having **. Oral ** and preliminary play, I wanted him to bottom for me but he kept evading his ** from my **, I grew tired and immobilized him, then I penetrated his ** and humped like a dog till I came inside him. He just laid on the side quite, all excitement gone. I whispered in his ear he could ** me too if he wanted. After a few minutes he did just that, but afterwards he left the bed and went to sleep in the other room. He has avoided me ever since. I feel bad and I desperately want to apologize to him and make amends, but he kept himself well out of my range. Sometimes I want to turn myself in, others I am terrified he might report me and ruin my perfect life. Anyway it’s a guilty I am finding harder and harder to live with.

Mar 4

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  • You're a horrible person, turn yourself in

    and remember...

  • I was a littler kid when an older teenage boy ** me...I was being slowly groomed by him when he became impatient and forecefucked me ** twice in my cheeky boy's **.
    The whole thing was weird cause I was hating it at first and then it was feeling nice just before he was done. I avoided him like the plague for some time even though I'd get excited about it at night in my bed. I'd lay on my tummy push the back of my underpants down to expose my ** cheeks, spread my legs wide and pretend that he was ** me. I started ** myself in the bubble bath pretending that it was his ** inside me. I continued to do this till another boy up by my grandparents cottage began pounding my 11 going on 12 year old sissy boipussy. I had my 12th birthday party with his boycum drooling from my perfect boy's ** loving its sticky mess in my underpants. After blowing out the 12 candles I blew my 14 year old friend and his two cousins a new experience and a first sucking for me. I returned home from that special summer full of surprises for the booty bandit who ** me...

  • I had to tie my wife down the first time we did **.

  • I had to ** my exwife in the ** to get ** **. Never came so hard in my life.

  • I did something similar to my friend. At the time he was dating my my cousin and we got drunk together. After a couple hours of drinking he passes out and I started playing with his ** until he woke up. I turned him over and ** him then made him swallow my load. He ended up liking it though and now he’s married to a man.

  • You're a real **. Try talking to him. Don't worry though, nothing will happen to you. No one cares about male SA.

  • It’s impossible to talk to him, he avoids me at every chance. I already sent a plea for forgiveness via a third party. He ignored it

  • I care! I do it all the time! I rayp rapists! Cesspool of iniquity EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!

  • What’s your address

  • I wanna ** OP while he's all ** wooooooooooooooo

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