50 Shades of Gay- Final Part

Eventually it happened! No, he didn't c** but it fell out and he was not hard enough to go back in soon again. He tried with more lube, he tried some foreplay on me but nothing worked. Finally he just buried his face on my neck and said "I'm gonna wait till I get hard again". While for most, this would have been an insult, it was just a welcome relief for me. That's where we end this. I replied "It's fine, I'm good. Don't worry about it" gently signalling that time's up. He asked me "Do you wanna c**?" I said "Nah, I'm good. You might wanna wash up". He got up, removed the rubber and went to the bathroom to wash up while I lay there in the bed with a greasy bottom contemplating whether I should offer to get him off with a b****** but then I decided against it. There was no way I was going to let him c** in my mouth. I put my bath robe on and as he was dressing up to leave, simply walked around just waiting for him to leave. I reassured him that he felt amazing inside me and he said my ass felt great too. With the mutual admiration out of the way, he left and closed the door hoping to never see him again. I flew out two days later and at the airport, even though I was hungover from previous night, I thought I saw him. Or someone like him. And that sent a very uncomfortable reflex down my spine.

So what did I learn from all this? My first one night stand with a stranger whose name I still do not know, I hope to never meet, took my a*** virginity! Exciting right? Well, not quite. The thing is, it just firmly moved me from being bi-curious to being firmly straight. I no longer have erotic thoughts of older men tearing up my a*** with their penises. I guess while I'm glad I lost my a*** virginity to a young, clean, quite gentle a guy, I'm certain I will want nothing to do with him. I would never want to ever see him again or even smell the same smells I had that night. I have nothing against him but I suppose it says a lot when I never looked into his eyes when he did anything to me or I did anything to him. I would either keep them firmly shut or look away. The fact that it felt so mechanical and above all, I never had an erection while having s** or more appropriately doing s** stands testimony to the fact that I didn't enjoy it one bit. I guess the whole point for me was, been there, done that, now let's move on with life. As far as my greasy bottom was concerned, I was pleasantly surprised to find only the lube all over my ass. Really none of the other gross stuff that might leak out. The best part? It didn’t even go out of shape. So here’s advice for the bi-curious amongst us- take the leap and get it out of your way. It doesn’t hurt. Your bowels will work just fine the next day morning and the doubt would have long left you by then. Call me a cheater but this is much sooner the done, better.

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