I'm 26 and have done NOTHING of sexual nature, not even kissed. I am naturally not really a sexual person but I still find myself embarrassed to say it to people. Obviously I've never been in a relationship as I myself haven't been interested in anyone and not many ppl have really been interested in me, I sometimes get paranoid it's because I'm ugly af but i know i have an average looking face and fairly decent body. I'm horrified at the thought that some day when i do get in a relationship i have to tell him how inexperienced and useless i am in that field, and i will be humiliated further.

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  • I like f****** ugly women

  • I want to f*** you

  • Many men like inexperienced women. I'm 50 and often meet inexperienced girls/women. It a great experience teaching them about s** and satisfying each other. The 1st time they get their p**** licked, they love it and in return they have to suck c**** and swallow. You will be surprised how quick you will learn and enjoy an experienced master

  • Get f***** you stupid b**** or you will end up like the c*** below, with some limp c*** w*****

  • Get f***** you stupid b****

  • I was in a similar situation but I met a man and we married when I was 29, on the wedding night I was worried about being deflowered but after the initial uncofortableness, I really enjoyed my first f*** and taking his c*** in my mouth. He was gentle and considerate.
    That was 5yrs ago and has continued in the same way, until a couple of weeks ago he came home a little drunk and ripped my nighty off and took me roughly, calling me names as he had his way with me. He finished by sticking his c*** in my mouth and spinning, this was a first and I loved it. I now crave for more but he does not remember and will only do me gently. I want to be f***** hard and often

  • My kinda woman

  • Thank you. I'm desperate for rough s**

  • I'm a 25 yr old guy and haven't done s*** either or been in a relationship. You're not alone in this world. I'm not that crazy about s** either, I'm more of a loving type. I just wanna know what it feels like. Just to suck on some t***, lick a pretty little a******, get my d*** sucked and have something to f***.

  • At least sexual activity has crossed your mind. My twentyseven year old ex wife had had s** plenty of times but professed to hate it after we got married.

    I suggest masturbation using s** toys.

  • That's because you are a useless f***, ya w*****, bet she goes out and gets f***** while your at home knitting ya c***

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