I hit a girl in the stomach and watched her bend way over

Back in 1995 I was living with my ex-girlfriend. She was a 25 year old Italian girl and was not skinny or fat. She had a soft curvy body and very sexy. I always had this fantasy of socking her right in the stomach and knocking the wind out of her. My fantasy was to watch her reaction from the pain.
One day I made my fantasy a reality and it was the sexiest memory I ever had. I went all the way into her relaxed soft belly really fast with my fist and then right out. Just quickly deep in her gut and right out.
She went, "OOOHHH" !! Then held her stomach and slowly bent way over in abdominal pain. It was so sexy hot. I watched her and heard her say "OOOHHH you hit me right in the stomach hon, OOHHH I can't breathe, Oh my belly" .
Her hot body folded over and her sexy ass up in the air. I rubbed her back and talked my way out of trouble with her. Then I took her into the bedroom and kissed her sexy deep navel and buried my face into her sexy soft belly. Kissed her sexy soft body and made love to her doggy style. I bent her over just like she was when I went into her stomach with my fist. I mounted up to her sexy hot bum and buried my c*** way up inside her and f***** her hard. After she had an o***** I pulled out and asked her if I could c** on her sexy soft belly. She replied, "Oh yea, right on my soft belly babe."
Her soft belly was so sexy and I had an intense o***** as I looked at her deep navel. I screamed as loud as I could as I watched my c** pool up in her hot navel. She screamed as loud as I did at the same time. It was so hot.
After the s** I told her how much it turned me on to watch her double way over holding her stomach in pain. She replied, "Well you knocked the wind right out of me and the pain in my stomach just folded me right over."
Oh her soft curvy body was so sexy and feminine.



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  • So now that she knows that gets you so turned on and she gets the best f****** of her life, does she surrender her stomach to your fist willingly? I get off on punching girls in the stomach too. Those that aren't into getting hit in the stomach really hard, I can get to pretend they have sharp, stabbing pains knifing them right in the pit of the stomach with the all important doubled full over - head down/ass up stomach holding and words like "my stomach!!"

  • Wtf? Are u demon possessed?

  • I get you like tummy being soft etc. But did you really have to hit her in it to get her to bend over and stick her ass in the air. No. So I hope someone hits you in the Tummy and f**** yours ass while your doubled over in pain!!

  • Let me be the one to give it to you hard in the stomach and f*** you while doubled full over clutching your throbbing aching stomach struggling to breathe and whimpering as I deep core drill you in the guts doggy style!!!!

  • Dude, you need some serious medical attention for your Brain!

  • I hope a group of gay men butt rape you in prison and you bleed to death through your ass.

  • Nice going. You committed a battery. That's a felony. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass "Go". Do not collect $200.

  • Sick worthless b******.

  • I would have set you on fire while you slept - you better watch it Mister!

  • Psychopath. You're going to enjoy prison. They just LOVE guys who beat up women. Good luck.......

  • Find a really busy highway. Blind fold yourself and wander around in traffic until you end up splattered all over someone front grill and the world will be a much better place afterwards.

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