How I knew there was nothing wrong with me

(I'm a female) As a kid, I didn't understand the concept of gays and lesbians. I always liked girls but I didn't realize I liked them that way. I use to want to be a boy for the reasons of I would have a wife or a girlfriend because thats what society told me. The society around me told me that only boys could be with girls and that I would get a boyfriend and one day marry him. I tried to satisfy society by dating boys after boys. I would pick the ones that were interested in me and trick myself into liking them. I tried so hard to like them and yet I would just keep losing interest and moving onto the next boy. I thought there was something wrong with me. I wanted to be a boy so bad so that I could be with a girl so I started to dress like a boy. People started to think I had gender-identity issues and I was teased for it.

I moved countries and now live in New Zealand. Everyone is super open about their sexuality and about 90% of my friends are attracted to the same-s** and opposite-s**. I started to realize that I was a lesbian. My past all started to make sense once I told myself this. I don't try to look or be like a boy anymore, I wear dresses occasionally now. I'm happy now.

Dec 11, 2015

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