Middle School Girl Wrestler Beats High School Boy Wrestler

I get dizzy when I see girls beat boys in wrestling. I heard from plenty of people who say it's no big deal when an older, more experienced and bigger girl beats a younger, smaller and inexperienced boy. They also say that since girls tend to mature sooner than boys, a girl who has already gone through puberty and reached her growth spurts has a decent chance of beating a boy her own age who might still be small and prepubescent, especially when the girl has been training for some time and the boy just started wrestling. But what about when the opposite happens? I recently read an article where a 12 year old girl who had been wrestling for a year beat a high school junior boy to win a league title. Of note: The boy had been wrestling for much longer than the girl, and actually had a decent win record against other high school boys. A 16 or 17 year old boy lost a wrestling match to a 12 year old girl? How can that be? While the girl must be on cloud 9, how does the poor boy feel about this? The bus ride home from the competition must have been ** for him. How did he feel when he went to school that Monday? How can he possibly look anyone in the face after that? Again, this isn't some wimpy couch potato who just started wrestling. This is an athletic boy with several years of wrestling experience and who has won many matches against other high school boys. How is this possible? How can I wrap my head around this? What's even more interesting is that this girl had lost several matches against other girls her age. Does this mean that even athletic and experienced high school boys are no match for girls as young as 12? I'm starting to think that separate boy and girl wrestling leagues are necessary; not for girls, but for boys, so that the boys can stand a chance of winning sometimes. What next?

Feb 16
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  • This is the way I used to was wrestle with girls all the time. We would wrestle extremely hard and be grappling and grabbing groping each other. Grabbing each other’s ** to try to get a pin. I would grab her ** to hold her and turn her over to mount her for a pin. We got the other person face into our ** so we could pin them. It was always a blast wrestling with the girls.

  • I wrestle with girls in 7 and 8 grade gym classes. Not all but most of the girls could wrestle very good. The girls I pinned did not let me pinned them I just out wrestle them. The girls that pinned me I did my best snd they just out wrestled me and got the pin.

  • Me too. We had co Ed gym in jr high. I had to wrestle some very bad kick ** girls. I won some and lose some. But it was good hard wrestling. S couple of my friends made fun since I lose to a girl and I told them they should wrestle her. They did as I. Couple of the guys beat the girl but a few of my friends also lose to her. I still like to wrestle girls

  • Have fun and wrestle. We else can you grab a girl and touch her and not get into trouble. Win or lose it should be a win win.

  • I saw a girl wrestle a boy in high school at 120 lbs. She used what they call the ** drag, which is a maneuver where you pull your opponent by his **. The girl used her finger and dug it into the boy's ** crack, forcing him to submit. He was definitely cute. She won by decision and as she stepped away from the mat, she can be seen bringing her finger up to her nose and sniffing. The boy looked so embarrassed.

  • I'm not sure, but this might be the same girl I recently read about. She actually pinned a high school boy who was #5 in the state. She was # 1 in the county in the boy's division. Not only that, in the girl's division, she barely placed. Think about it; it's as if she beat not only that boy, but every other boy that he beat. Also, every girl that beat her technically beat the boy she pinned and every boy he beat.

  • It was the same girl. It was on the evening news on the sports portion. Nice job young lady

  • Once again, I just read that the 12 year old girl competed in a girls only 14U competition and placed second. She was interviewed afterward. She said she tried her best, but the other girl who beat her (13 years old) was just too strong. When asked if that girl was the strongest competitor she ever faced, she said yes. Her mother, standing by, asked, "What about those high school boys you wrestled with (and beat)?" and the girl smiled and said, "They were pretty strong, I guess, but Ava (the girl she just lost to) was stronger." The mother smiled and said "Girl Power!." Move over boys. It looks like the girls are taking over, and there isn't much you can do about it.

  • How can a 12 year old girl beat a 17 year old high school boy? Is that really true?

  • The youngest I have read about or seen on the sports news was a 13 year old girl pinning a 18 year old senior in a high school wrestling match.
    So yes it can happen

  • How can the boy live with himself? How do all the boys that he beat feel about it?

  • Not only that, but if you google the boy's name, all the hits come back to articles about the high school boy getting his ** kicked by a 7th grade girl. Imagine this: He somehow learns to live with his humiliating defeat and maybe forget about it. He graduates high school and goes off to college, having decided to drop wrestling altogether. A friend or two from college, maybe a girlfriend, decides to search his name on the internet. The first result is a newspaper picture of him, his face in agony, as a 7th grade girl beats him. Then a video of the match shows up.
    He starts off with his hands on her shoulders as he tries to take her down. He goes for the takedown, but she easily gets out of it and turns the table on him and easily "womanhandles" him to an agonizing and humiliating defeat. The video ends with loud cheering for the girl as the boy walks off the mat in shame. Then there are the full-length articles naming him as the high school boy who was defeated by a 7th grade girl. He can never live this down. He goes to his dorm room, lays down on his bed and thinks to himself, "I should have just forfeited the match. Now my life is ruined"

  • I beat my brother wrestling most time. I'm 13f he's like 14 and ** skinny. Most girls can kick his ** and strip him.

  • Have you ever stripped him?

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