Accidentally exposed myself to GF's sister

So I moved into my girlfriends house with her parents not to long ago and she has a 18 year old sister who is smoking hot! She has a nice lean figure and a nice round bubble butt. When she gets out the shower I can't help but to look at her in her towel and cant resist imaging what's under it. One day I got out the shower and put on my pajamas which have a large cut out in the crouch area to use the bathroom. I put them on with no underwear and walked into her room to talk to her. I noticed she turned red and her focus wasn't on my face but my crouch ??. I look down and notice my 10" thick black c*** is fully hanging out of my pants. I look at her and she is practically drooling. I quickly walk out and tuck myself in. Then I realized she was completely turned on by it. So now I buy pajamas with only crouch holes. I put vaslonie on my c*** and get it rock hard b4 I go and talk to her just to tease her a little bit now. Lately she's been wear booty shorts around me and purposely bending over in front of me. Which turns me on I can barely control myself. We are home alone ALOT and she's getting closer and closer to me, it's only a matter of time. I am black and she's white. I have a fetish for interracial s** and acts. Seeing her small white figure with my hung black c*** is a major turn on!

Dec 14, 2015

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  • Can u get a pic of here so we can see

  • Think with brain not d!ck, put yourself in trouble not..

  • Bullshit as usual, why not add in that her mom also offers s** while hubby is asleep in the living room chair

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