So unhappy and tired

I don't love you, I don't even like you. We got together only for s**, you got feelings and I did too, but in time, I realized you were a close-minded, bigoted, homophobic, dumbass alcoholic. I left, but then found out I was pregnant, and you knew I couldn't afford to do it on my own, so we tried to make it work. You drank, lied, broke promises, got mean mentally, verbally, emotionally and finally physically. You have gone to jail twice over the drinking and you being an a******....and the only reason I let you come back is because I need your income to help raise our daughter. I love her and only her, not YOU. I sit in a room with you and I'm a million miles away, the sight and sounds of you irritate me, I really do hate you. You may have "stopped" drinking because of probation, you may go to domestic violence and substance abuse classes, you may SAY you are better. But when you "work late" I can smell the alcohol on you, it may not be much, but I can smell it and you lie every damn time....and I am not a f****** idiot! I want to get away from you, but financially I am trapped. I don't even have the energy to cheat and find some kind of happiness on the side, all my time and energy goes into raising our child and surviving the stress of YOU!!!

Dec 12, 2015

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  • Yeah, right. More like you "forgot" to take your pill so that you could oops him and keep him around forever. Guys like that are considered a challenge, b****** always think "I can CHANGE him!" Never works out, does it? But there's always another chick down the road with her legs open, thinking her magical slit-- or a magical baby-- will turn the frog into a prince.

  • Well, you're just a bundle of wonderful, aren't you!?

  • We all notice your defensive butthurt response that does not deny that this happens

  • More like a bundle of truthful. Sorry about your hurt fee fees, triggered one.

  • There are other mothers out there that you could share a place with; I know a few girls that have done this and it worked great for them without bankrupting them til the kids were 18 & 20, the girls at that point found guys they were happy with and parted ways - they are friends (more like family to this day). Please don't stay!

  • OMG I'm a woman who lived your life for 13 years. My child is now in counseling because I stayed. Now I'm too old to go back to school, although I did find a job I love. Your daughter will repeat the cycle and find herself in the same situation if you let her live it. The best thing is to get out while your young. It will be hard at first, apply right away for housing in your town. I ended up in a shelter when my child was 9 due to his fathers escalating addiction and the fact that he drained my 401ks and bank account. Not to mention he was threatening to kill everybody. The best thing I ever did was leave. So happy to have peace in my life that I won't even date again - not even remotely interested. It will only get worse if you stay / there's a better life out there Go get it!

  • You don't actually need him financially. I promise you, you'll be happier flipping burgers for pocket change and so will your daughter.

    How long until the abuse shifts to her? Can you really take that chance?

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