Panty sniffing

When I was married my wife step sister used to live with us she was 12 and leaver her underwear everywhere and her bathroom was full of dirty panties p... smell n taste now that I’m divorced I work on this restaurant with one of my co-workers she knows about my sniffing addiction and let me smell hers after work she’s 16 btw love those young smells



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  • I love sniffing panties. My wife knows I do this and all is good. I also love to shoot a load in them and place them in hamper on top so the lady of the house can see the c** in the crotch and know I came in them

  • I love sniffing and licking used/soiled panties before I use them to m*********. those of younger are better smelled and chew on!!

  • Love the 12 yr olds but prefer younger, my nieces range from 2 up to 11 and I love theirs, the youngest is potty training so has accidents and I love if I can get a pair that she has peed in and suck her pee out

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