Panty sniffing

When I was married my wife step sister used to live with us she was 12 and leaver her underwear everywhere and her bathroom was full of dirty panties p... smell n taste now that I’m divorced I work on this restaurant with one of my co-workers she knows about my sniffing addiction and let me smell hers after work she’s 16 btw love those young smells



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  • I make my 12yo and 13yo stepdaughters wear the same panties for the days. Those lovely white cotton ones, just plain but absorbent. After three days of use (they sleep in them too), they're lovely and stained. I collect them on the third morning after they've showered and left them lying on the bathroom floor.

    After they come out of the shower, when they're drying off in their bedroom, I lock the bathroom door, lay out a towel and get naked to lay down. I love that their panties have just been peeled off a few minutes before. Sometimes they're still actually warm but they're always wet with a smell mixed with sweet virgin pee, p**** juice and sweat.

    I just lay down on the towel, wrap one pair around my thick, hard c*** and push another pair in my face. I inhale the smell really shallow to savour the scent while I w*** off on the other pair. Sometimes I just balance the knickers on my face so I can smell them and use two hands on my c***, sometimes even a finger in my ass, touching my b**** and wanking off in her lovely white panties.

    I always c** so f****** good when I can smell their lovely, virgin p**** juices. Like so, so f****** good!

  • I love sniffing panties. My wife knows I do this and all is good. I also love to shoot a load in them and place them in hamper on top so the lady of the house can see the c** in the crotch and know I came in them

  • I love sniffing and licking used/soiled panties before I use them to m*********. those of younger are better smelled and chew on!!

  • Love the 12 yr olds but prefer younger, my nieces range from 2 up to 11 and I love theirs, the youngest is potty training so has accidents and I love if I can get a pair that she has peed in and suck her pee out

  • You are f****** disgusting, you should be in jail talking about young kids. Sick ass child molester. I’m reporting you

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