A guy that raped a baby had his execution almost botched.

This piece fo s*** of a man had raped an eleven month old baby and was caught, tried, found guilty and sentenced to death.

Several years passed before his execution took place. He was killed by lethal injection.

For some reason he was still alive after the poison was administered and he took over thirty minutes to die.

Bleeding hearts and anti executionists said this was terrible but you know what I say?

F*** HIM. He should have ben dangled over a slow fire for a few days of agony for doing what he did.

I don't believe in the afterlife but if I did my fantasy would be to see this a****** burning in H***.

I don't give a f*** how much pain he went through.

Dec 13, 2015

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  • Get a f*****' life. It ain't nothing to do with you. The guy was executed - END OF.

  • I guess f*** the eleven month pool old baby too, 11 MONTHS OLD YOU F****** R*****. I'd be willing to bet your mother raped you in the back door with a budweiser bottle.

  • I'm with you!

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