I need advice

I am female 16 and from the UK. I want to get into becoming an escort for both males and females, I have thought about this for a while now and have decided, but I'm not sure how or where to start. Any tips (websites etc.) would help a lot. Thank you.

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  • Wrong place to seek advice. I suggest contacting escort services in your City and ask for their advice.

    Sixteen is very young in my opinion, to decide on this vocation. However, it's your choice and you're of legal age to have s**.

    Always be safe using contraception/condoms when intending to have s**. Maybe get advice from your GP in regards to, the variety of contraceptive options, as there are many. You'll probably already know the necessary precautions to take. But just incase, I thought I'd give some advice :-)

    My suggestion would be, to seek employment with escort services and don't do outcalls in clients homes. It's safer to partake in your own or in the escort services establishment, where there's protection. Always gave someone you trust with you or within the environment, you intend to offer escort services to, for your protection.

    Good luck. I'm not condoning and offering you encouragement to pursue this vocation. But it's your choice and your life. I do however, encourage you to be safe, whilst working in your chosen career.

  • At sixteen, you should be rounding off high school; right? You once had an ambition which of course was not to be "an escort", in other words a w****, a prostitute; right? Why give up on your ambition? We all get tempted. I once was tempted to veer off like you did. But after Jesus saved me, I was able to know to tap the talents he has deposited in me (we all have our talents from God). I've discovered myself and I am a professional writer with seven published works and I am through college. Give your life to Jesus and you will discover you true worth instead of debasing yourself!

  • Be mindful and don't preach to others

  • Bless your kind heart. Your intentions are good, but not everyone will agree with your opinion and advice. God/believing Christ saved and helped you better your life.
    But not everyone believes in god and not everyone believes in pertaining to any religious doctrine.

    Everyone is different and has different perspectives, in regards to many things in life. However essentially, it's good to offer supportive advice where/when requested.
    But it's not good to preach to someone or tell a person their specific choices are bad, based on your own morals, values and judgements.

  • Http://www.divinerevelations.info/

  • Need to be 18 though

  • 18 to work as an escort in the UK or to have s**? If you meant the latter, age of sexual consent in the UK is 16, if you didn't know already. No patronisation intended, if you perceive it this way.

  • Adultwork.com

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