i don't really have any deep dark secrets to confess. i was on facebook and made my way to google. i typed in tell secrets and found this website. i just need to get something off my chest that's been there for about 6 months now. i miss you, . i'm dating your best friend, and i've only spoken to you a few times this summer. a couple days ago we had a stroll down memory lane so to speak. you brought up the past between us, which is something you rarely do, actually that was the first time you've mentioned it. one of your other friends was telling me how you regret the way you treated me, and if you tried we could have really had something, i knew it all along. i knew that if you reciprocated the effort we really could have fallen in love. i'm only 16. i'm naive, i don't know the first thing about loving someone. i have commitment issues and i never know what i want. i had you 8 months ago and i left you for another boy. another stupid boy who ended up s******* me over anyways. i really wish i let things settle down rather than turning everyone against you, because you know what. you f***** me up. i couldn't function for almost 3 months, i didn't want to get out of bed, and you know what suffered? my emotional stress. my marks went down, i didn't want to socialize and i'm usually known as the party girl. you screwed with my feelings but i don't blame you because i did the same to you. we both need a lesson on loving. here i am dating your best friend, and i'm second guessing everything, as usual. for once in my life, i just want to be sure of something. i want to be completely content with everything. you made 2008 the worst year of my life, and that's not an exagerration. it was horrible. it got a lot better by june. everything was back to normal and i had forgotten about you, but last night just made me rethink. we just talked and it felt like we were together again. i can't fall for you again, it's risking so much for something that may not even be real. f***, i miss you so much.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I don't have any deep dark secrets of my own either.

    But I am going to start having some. This world had its chance.

  • "i dont have nething 2 confess"... then... TEXTWALL!

    Stupid child. Did Daddy not hug you enough?

  • i read this and it reminded me so much of my situation.
    i really hope it works out for you, and me too. lol

  • well, you're only 16, but at least your english is better than most people 10 years older. but you lose 5 points for having commitment issues at 16... so... FAIL!
    - Yordik Ismailly

  • Too long. I didn't read this crap!

  • First, I know your new so I'll let it slide, but next time, not so long. Short and sweet can't be beat.

    Secondly, you've already solved the problem. You're datin the ex. Good job.

    Thirdly, stay away from memory lane. Nothing good can come from that. Focus on what you can do in the future.

    If ya need help just ask. They call me...

    Mr. Jipper

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