Homophobe Hypocrite

I'm a very masculine, gay man who lives in the Southern Baptist controlled south. Homophobia is real and everywhere present in this area. I'm not ashamed of who or what I am, however, I know to keep my mouth shut - especially on my job where my boss is an outspoken homophobe. I took this position for a couple of years to get the experience and complete me MBA at night and weekends. Being busy has its advantages and disadvantages. I do not go to gay bars (2 in my town) and do not condemn those who do. If I lived in NYC I would not participate in the gay community as it provides no value to me. I have a couple of gay jock buds 2 hours away so an occasional visit (time permitting) provides great satisfaction.
I graduated last week so my job search has shifted into overdrive as I want to get the h*** away from the discrimination, bigotry, prejudice and racism of the south. Many months ago I slipped into the only adult theatre in town - it was late so I knew my colleagues were home with their families so, I went for my first visit. The place was so dark it took me 20 minutes to realize I was standing beside an empty seat at the back row. I set down and waiting a few more minutes as I observed half a dozen men watching the straight movie. I realized on the very end of the back row, which was in a dark, dark corner that some man was there, but I could not make out his face - only his d*** in his hand. After an hour or so I left stopping at the bathroom off the lobby. I went into the stall to p*** reading the comments all over the off white walls. That is when I saw a comment: "11am - 1pm and 4pm - 6 pm best for bi and gay action." As I turned to leave I noticed other comments to the same effect on the door.
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we left work early - I left at 3pm and decided it might be a good time to check out the theatre. once my eyes adjusted (about 20 minutes) I realized the back row was empty so I walked to the very end in the dark, dark corner ready to observe any activity. Sure enough 2 rows ahead of me 2 guys were sitting beside each other taking turns sucking. Over on the other side of the aisle were 2 men doling the same, a man standing behind them stroking his c*** and a man in the end doing the same thing. This is not environment and I was uncomfortable but was focusing on the action not the screen.
I heard the buzzer, which meant someone was about to enter the theater so everyone set up. The door from the hall opened and a man walked in. I had a clear unobstructed view with the lights from the hallways behind him and recognized my homophobe boss. I scrunched down in the seat watching his every move as he stood 10 seats from me at the end of the back row. First he starred at the screen then he started trying to make out if anyone was in the theatre. Eventually he set in the end seat and his ever were not on the screen but the 3 men on the other side of the aisle who had resumed their activity. My heart was beating a thousand beats a minute as I expected him to go into attack mode and I was ready to crawl under the row of seats.
He never one time looked my way focusing on those 3 men and the 2 sitting a couple of rows ahead. Now I see my married boss rubbing his crotch eventually unzipping his d*** which he began to stoke. The guy standing behind the two in the seat in from of him (seats on the other aisle) motioned my boss over. I am shocked when my boss walked over to that sider and half way down an aisle where the man bends down and talked my bosses d*** in his mouth. Then my boss knelt and took the other guys c*** in his mouth. I am witnessing my married, homophobe, gay bashing boss sucking a strangers d*** in a dark theater.
Now the two guys in the seat are on their knees in their seats looking back sucking my boss and the other man. Then they stand in their seats as my boss and the other man are bent over sucking their d****. By this time the two men sitting a couple of rows ahead are in the aisle and so is the single man. Now, my homophobe boss, those 3 men and the other 3 men are in the middle aisle (2 rows ahead of me) sucking each others d****.
One of the men motioned me to join but I put my hands over my face. I had decided to get the h*** out of there and just as I began to move out my boss knelt (with his back to the door/me and he was going from one d*** to the other. For the life of me I do know how I mustered the courage but I walked right up behind my homophobe, gay bashing, married boss who was in his knees surrounded by c*** I would never touch and I tapped him h****** his shoulder. When he turned and saw me he fell back on his ass butt. I called him a gay bashing hypocrite - shook my phone at his face and said - and I have the proof.

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