I am in love with my boss. I know, “so what”....I literally am in love with her. She is absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way. I have a “feeling” she has feelings for me as well. But I don’t see anything ever coming from it. Like I said, for one, she is my boss and that kind of relationship in our company (as in most companies) is against the rules. Also, I am married (she is not) and she knows I am married. It just sucks. Wish I had met her earlier in life under different circumstances.

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  • Fell for my boss too
    She doesn't like me the same way but we had our fun, got caught, & I was fired. Still want to be with her
    Forbidden Love is horrible

  • I know your pain. I work with a female coworker who is so hot and perfect in every way. She and I get along so well and have for the last 10 years we have worked together. We get along so well that believe it or not we had s** one morning before work. We drove down the road and had s** in the back seat of my car. After it happened she told me it was a mistake and we shouldn't have done that. It never affected our work relationship, but we have never done it again. I love her and would probably leave my wife for her, but she's married too and doesn't want to. She does admit that if we had met before either of us had married then she would have gone out with me. It just sucks working with this woman whom I love and know I can never have. So I feel your pain.

  • Attraction....learn self control

  • F*** self control!!! Dude, plow that s**** holes!!!! Take what is yours

  • Settle down virgin, your not fooling anybody

  • Let her catch you wanking if you work early/late. My boss caught me wanking (I planned it), it the stationary cupboard, pants round my ankles, yanking like a young teen. She walked, I stopped, then I started again, she finished me off. We're both married. She wanks me off on her tiny AA t*** almost every week. I fingered her too. Not sure if anything else will happen.

  • You don’t love her. You just wanna bury your hard co ck in her wet pus sy!!!!

  • You never know dude. I was catching on that my Office manager that is so far out of my league was feeling something for me. I just flat asked her if she was in love with me and she said Yes. I didn't know what to do with that beings we were both married. We ended up passionately kissing, left the office met up and made love. We both knew we were somehow going to be together from that moment on. Fast fwd she divorced her abusive husband, I divorced my prison warden of a spoiled wife , we have been blissfully married 20+ yrs now.

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