Well I don't really know where to start. I am 18 years old boy, at the last year of the high school. I like playing video games and You Tube. Until here everything is fine. But I have something that makes my wanna cry every single moment; being lonely. Is not that I don't have friends I have friends but there something happens that makes me to believe that they are not such good friends or better called selfish friends. I get quite good marks at school because I study hard. But I have a "soft" heart (this is an expression in Albanian that means that I help everyone in their problems). I have such a huge soft heart that this good quality of mine is now returning and is attacking me from every single direction. I help everyone out in their problems. I can't say no to ,for example, a girls who asks me to do their homework. I just can't do it. I think that it is because I would feel bad if I said no to them. The problem is that these so called "my friends", after getting what asked me for, entirely forget about me and they only remember when they have a problem. I feel bad about this and I can't understand what am I doing wrong to deserve this kind of treatment. I treat everyone good and 0% good treatment to me. I had many crushes but none of them liked me back, instead they just told me that they loved me like a brother. Now I am losing hopes on everything I just feel like I will go to the bed one day and never wake up the other day. The only motivations that makes me study hard and maybe the only things that really keep me alive are my family, and my dream to go to America and to live the American dream. I don't know what to do or what I am doing wrong. Please tell me what can I do

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  • Dude you are a doormat. Wake up. Stop letting people walk all over you. Are you desperate for their approval? Best of luck getting to America. I hope you make it here and live your dream. You have to stop letting people take advantage of you though. You are a wonderful person who I would love to call a friend. But you have to learn how to say "no".

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