Letting my wife get laid on new years eve

My wife's overweight and I love her to death but the weight is a issue for me as I don't desire her like I did when we first married,so I was considering finding a guy and letting him have s** with her on new years Eve,while I watch and then afterwards having s** with her make her feel like she's A hot s*** crazy idea?



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  • You people are SICK and NASTY!!!!!

  • Not crazy at all. If you're both down for it, make it happen.

  • Where are you? I'd be happy to f*** your wife for you and let you watch. I don't care how overweight she is. I have a tiny d*** and don't get much so hope that doesn't matter. Where are you?

  • In pa

  • Wish l was in PA unfortunately in England sporting a hard c*** thinking of f****** your wife with my 8" pierced c*** and smooth shaven tight b****

  • I'm in NJ. I'm desperate to get laid.

  • Might just find someone she can give a hand job to in a parking lot to get her worked up then take her home .

  • Are you far from NJ? Would she mind a tiny d***?

  • Were outside Philly , dunno if shed want a tiny one never asked her lol

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