I judge you.

When you say you're lonely but have a significant other, best friend, or kids.
When you say you're fat but can shop in any clothing store.
When you say you have nowhere safe but you're living in a house.
When you say you're poor but you live above the poverty line.

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  • Depends on peoples individual perspectives and personal lives.

    I person can live in a house, but not necessarily be safe living in it, depending on who they live with and how they're getting treated.

    A person could be surrounded by loved one's and feel lonely. It depends on what type of relationships, that person has with loved one's.

    A person can be fat and still shop at clothing stores. There are clothing stores, that cater for plus size individuals.

    A person can be financial rich, but deprived/poor where love and happiness is concerned. Money can buy a lot of things, but sometimes it can't buy happiness and love. Maybe superficial/temporary happiness and love. But what about, true happiness and love.

    This is just my opinion. Everyone is different and has different experience's /perspective's in life.

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