Convenient Woman

You're a joke! Do you really believe you are that coveted. People only stare because you act soooo inappropriate for your age. Being a c** bucket keeps the attention going too. You're evil and your kids must be so embarrassed by you



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  • I know a woman just like this. She believes that all men desire her and all women envy her. She's delusional, of course, but she's convinced she's right. I have to believe that she's a walking STI factory, given the number of men -- and women -- she sleeps with. W****. Nothing special. Just an ordinary garden-variety w****.

  • It's hard to believe that this much idiocy could be produced in such a short period.

  • You are adding to it by participating stupid

  • And you're adding to it, by commenting!

  • You have to find a way to stop abusing.

  • You too :)

  • This is just weird....I'm throwing myself in the convo and I shouldn't. Oops.

  • Dont worry you are weak

  • Deflection is a bad disease, weakling.

  • So is your drunken existence.

  • So is your drug addiction.

  • You should be embarressed by how ugly you are

  • Aren't you?

  • Im gona give your mom the clap

  • I'm going to give your mother, an ass pounding of destruction!

  • ......some mothers enjoy that kind of attention ............. i am one of them......

  • Nice

  • Good for you lol

  • My mother is dead.

  • You are weak

  • Deflecting again

  • Easy to be strong when you're fooling everybody better hope they don't find out

  • You are weak;)

  • Deflection :)

  • You wish

  • Your girl is sucking someones k*** that aint yours lol

  • Isn't, not aint

  • You weak little c***

  • Hahah how heavy are u

  • You

  • Not as heavy as your drooping v****

  • What a cuck

  • Sooo not very i assume

  • Idiot

  • Go suck a d***

  • What do you mean by convenient?? You are delusional... Who are you talking to??? No one knows everything... People have experiences though. You cannot tell someone what they feel is wrong. It's none of your business.

  • If you don't know what convenient means you are stuuuuupid

  • You are dickbag sucking dirty d***. What do you mean convenient?? You make no sense. Who do you think you are talking about?? I'm doing nothing wrong or dress inappropriate at all. F u you piece of work.

  • ^^^^go take your meds t-bag

  • Oh i think those are your p**** enlargement pills

  • I think "convenient" was a typo. It perhaps should have read "covfefe".

  • Someone has a guilty conscience

  • Again who r u talking about??? Im sure this someone pretty bad... But I know people mess with me and assume and say terrible things about me. I hope you get an education and realize how pathetic you are. They must have a lot of kids

  • Are, not "r"
    You, not "u"
    I'm, not "Im"

  • Who is it youre talking about?

  • You're

  • None of you're f****** business, and you are transparent to all as well

  • "your" not "you're"

  • Suck my d*** you f****** little b****

  • No thanks keep your herpes

  • No no i insist

  • You have stupid cynt

  • You have a small d***

  • You both have under developed intellects!

  • Says the person whose mind is soo shallow they are making bullshit corrections on this trash heep of a site lol

  • You are a manure spreader.

  • I'm sure you're (:

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