Confused about love

The woman I love with all my heart and do everything I can for is confusing me greatly. We dated for a little bit but things happened (she is currently going thru a divorce) and she is scared to commit again. She says she needs some time to find herself and what she wants/needs in life. We still do everything that a couple does. Yes everything. But it's kind of an open thing. We aren't really together but we are in a way. I'm not doing anything with anybody else. And I know she isn't doing it with anyone either. But I'm scared that she could be falling for someone else. She says she loves me all the time but I still worry. I don't know what to do. Am I the back up plan? An I the just in case? Is she keeping me around cause I help her with the kids? Or cause her kids like me? I don't know and it scares me a little that I may never be able to say yes this is my girlfriend ever again. Any advice from some one who's been I. This situation or anybody that may have some insight on it?

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  • Yes, I'm a divorced single . Act confident, but if you feel your being used try making yourself scarce for a little while so she'll miss you! Never fear another amour, if she's into someone else you'll KNOW IT!

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