Christmas Party

I'm a married 35yo woman with two kids. I have a great husband and a comfortable life that I am happy with. During the Summer our Office moved into a larger building with other Offices as well. We always had a Christmas Party and this year was no different except for the fact that someone decided to include another Office and we would share the large Conference Room.

Everything was fine, we had about sixty people and it was nice meeting others from the Other Office. As always there was plenty of food and a lot more alcohol thanks to the people from the other Office.

Since my husband was going to pick me up after the Party I could drink a bit more than I would normally. I met a gal Lisa who was about my age and we started talking about work and family and just hitting it off well. Lisa was the receptionist and was dressed very sexy because that's what her Boss liked she told me. She wore very high heels and her makeup was applied in a way to get even more noticed. There were guys from our Office drooling as soon as Lisa came into the Conference Room.

About 10pm the alcohol I had consumed was kicking in and I was really buzzed. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and then I would my husband to come pick me up at the Office. When I walked into the ladies room Lisa was there at the sink applying a fresh coat of lipstick. Suddenly I said "If you put on anymore lipstick those guys are going to c** in their pants."

Lisa smiled and walked over to me at the other sink. "What about you?" Lisa asked me with a slight grin on her face. Suddenly her lips were pressed against mine and I could taste the color she had just applied. "Can I make you c** in your panties?" With my head spinning from the alcohol Lisa kissed me again and I did nothing to stop her. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and we started to make out.

Lisa pulled me against her and I felt the softness of her b****** pressed against my own and I could tell my nipples were hard. At some moment I gave in and kissed her back and now I pushed myself against Lisa. Within a few moments I felt Lisa raise the front of my skirt and put her hand between my legs. "I guess I can make you c** in your panties" she whispered into my ear. She was so right, I was soaking wet.

Since that night there have been a few times Lisa and I will meet and have a make out session. She texts me during the day to keep me on edge and it makes me so aroused I can't concentrate on my work. We haven't gone to bed yet but I know Lisa wants me to take that next step.

Dec 27, 2015

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