Ms. Lisa

Muy Mom's best friend is named Lisa. They go out drinking at least one
Night during the week and then one weekend night. They came back from their favorite lounge one night 2 weeks ago, and once my mom passed out on the sofa, Lisa came over to my room and after we talked a little, we made out. Sh had told me that her marriage was a disaster and her husband had lost interest in her and only wanted to work. Once we made out, I told her I had always wanted to hook up with her. So she undressed and we ducked. I thought it was one time, one night. But now she wants a real affair, a real relationship. And I am going to give it to her. I'm going to blow up her marriage and take her for myself. I. Love her and I hate her husband. And she f**** like a wet dream.

Jan 24, 2020

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  • I was going to give you some advice... but f*ck it.

  • Do NOT allow Lisa to get away. Keep on giving her what she needs and what you want. Make it a life-long relationship. It will be good for BOTH of you. I wish I had tour luck and your opportunity.

  • Sorry . . . that should've been "your luck".

  • Don't enter into a serious relationship. She is good for only s**. F*** her as long as possible as a good friend to satisfy her sexuality.

  • I think this is the best advice. I would also recommend against intentionally doing anything to end her marriage because then you will be stuck with her for sure. If she leaves, she leaves, but don't be the cause. She sounds like a typical tamp, Not marriage material. Right now she's the hottest piece of ads around. But she's your mother's age and there is just no future for you two AS A COUPLE: the age difference is too great. Right now, it the fact that she is sooooooo much older may seem romantic but it won't seem that way whenever your in grad school and she's on medi care. And unless your planning to knock her up right now, she won't be young enough yo have children for you. And speaking of children, does she already have kids? Are they your age? Older? St family gatherings that will just be WEIRD. keepfucking her, have fun with her. Use her like she is already using her. But don't get tangled up in her life and her family. She is just on it for the s** and that should be your only purpose, too. Her complaining about her marriage is just something all women do. She is totally not looking to make you her next husband. Treat her like the w**** she is. Do NOT get serious. Duck her as much as you can. Wear her t*** out. Don't leave for her husband after your done. But don't bind yourself to her. She's a s***.

  • My mother had a similar relationship with three women named Mary. To distinguish them from one another, they also used the first letters of their last names in reference to them, and even in conversation, so they were
    Mary L, MaryB, and Mary F. One afternoon, they were all sitting around our above-ground pool while I was cleaning it. They had been hitting the martinis pretty hard and they started talking about which one of them was hottest. Mary B said she was because she had just got new implants and had to buy all new bras. My mom said she. Was, because she had the most marriages she was on her fourth at that time, but has since had two more). After they argued for awhile longer, one of them asked what I thought, like I would decide the matter. I said I didn't know but that Mary F "definitely has the best letter". My mom got me off the hook, saying I was disqualified from deciding it because I was related to one of the contestants. Rather than reach a conclusion, they just decided to have more martinis. When I finished cleaning and went back to the house, Mary F followed me inside. She stopped in front of me and smiled and said, "Bradley, did you just tell me and the other girls that you want to f*** me??? Is that your little "F" joke was all about??? Do you want to f*** me?"I was frozen with fear and couldn't speak. She finally said, if you want to duck me Bradley, you can. Anytime. We can have a one-time fling or an affair. It's up to you. call me anytime and come Duck. We had an affair until I'd finished both high school and college. During my junior year of high school, we even had a baby together. Everybody assumed it was her husband's but it was mine. Mary F is still F-ing me like a b**** in heat although we only connect when I go home at holiday time. Hold on to Lisa.

  • Mary F sounds like she's hot as "F". I think I'm in love with her. And I know I'm jealous of you.

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