I am terrified.

It was Christmas day and the whole family was staying over at my husband's parent's house. Most of the day went by pretty much as usual, but when the rest of the family was hanging out in the kitchen sampling bourbons and cooking dinner, I f***** my sister-in-law's husband. I don't know what happened. I actually cornered him in the office on the other side of the house and f***** him. I pretty much forced him to do it. I was so h**** for strange d*** that I couldn't help myself. He was powerless as soon as I took his hand and put his fingers in my dripping wet p****. It was hot and fast and after we were done, he started getting all psychological. I don't think he will tell his wife, but now a couple days later, he starts breathing heavy anytime we are close. HE IS DOING THIS IN FRONT OF THE FAMILY. I think his wife is on to us. S***.

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  • I agree with the majority here: you should TOTALLY keep the relationship going and keep it quiet, but not because he wants it. Only do that if YOU want it and you can control him.

  • You should NOT be terrified. If the guy wants more of that spectacular Christmas gift you gave him, he'll do as he's told. In fact, you should rehearse saying just that, so whenever you see him, you'll be convincing. "If you want more of what you got at Christmas, you'll do as you're told." Repeat it over and over, until you can say it convincingly, and in multiple ways, with multiple attitudes: angry, seductive, threatening, provocative, dismissive, come-hither, and matter-of-fact. Stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom, and see how you look when you say it different ways. Get it down pat, and then get ready to use it. Before you know it, you're going to be getting that d*** whenever you want it, and you will NEVER have to worry about him ruining your fun. Enjoy!

  • Don't obsess over this guy's behavior. You have the p****, so you're in control.

  • The key words you wrote were these: "he was powerless". Keep him that way always. Control him. Control the relationship. Keep him coming back to you for more and more and more and more. Keep him coming back. Keep him c******.

  • Soooooo nasty. Soooooo exciting. And I'm soooooo jealous! I've had a serious case of the hots for my brother-in-law (me husband's brother) for over THREE YEARS, but I'm too reserved to make the first move on him, and I can't seem to get him to understand that I'm flirting with him every time we are alone in a room together. So, that makes me really impressed that you saw something that you wanted and you just went and got it! Yeah, baby!! AND DON'T STOP! NOT EVER!!!!!

  • Do you want to get rid of the guy? Wait 4-5 weeks, then tell him you're pregnant. He'll never call again, and you'll never see him again. Not ever.

  • My first wife did exactly the same. We've been divorced for 15 yrs.

  • Wah wah wah, not every man can love a s***, but thank God I can........btw your wife was excellent

  • It wouldn't surprise me much if you'd actually f***** her. She was eager and available, and more so with each passing day. But if you DID f*** her, you probably need to go see a doctor because last I heard she was a walking petri dish of venereal diseases. Good luck.

  • ....i love that you cheated on Chirstmas.....wish i had your nerve....damn..

  • Just relax. And breathe. You did something for yourself, to please yourself, because your body needed it. If you fancy him still, then keeping playing with him, preferably in the cat-and-mouse format. Use him as you need him, but don't necessarily limit yourself to just him; i.e., don't get serious, and don't let him get serious. If you find yourself frequently h**** for strange d*** like you were at Christmas, then keep your sister-in-law's husband on the string whilst you play with other boys and come back to him as your landing space. You only feel crummy coz this was your first go, but the more often you stray, the more comfortable it will get for you. Don't give up the d***: treat it like you own it.

  • Speaking from experience, I must agree with this poster. I have had many affairs since my first. The first was scary, but it gets easier. Remember, you are just having fun. Don't get attached to anyone.

  • ^Totally^ true, every single word.

  • Super sexy! Don't stop!

  • Your New Year's Resolutions for 2016 should be: (1) start f****** this new man more and more; (2) by mid-year, be f****** him more often than you f*** your husband; and (3) by next Christmas, be knocked up with a baby for your new man. Whether or not you ever tell the new man he's the baby's father, you need to experience the thrill of carrying a baby for someone other than your husband, and then raising him as your husband's child.

  • I done that. It's a super thrill. My husband and I already had 4, and since I've had 2 with other men. My husband has no clue.

  • I want a woman like you so badly. I wish I could find one this year and get her knocked up.I have been wanting to knock up a pregnant woman for years.

  • I'm a guy in his 40s and I feel the same. I would love to have a relationship like the one depicted here, and producing an illegitimate child in the process would be WONDERFUL!!!

  • Incredible! I love it! You go, girl!

  • I don't know why you would ever end this relationship. So many women have wanted to be right where you are, and have had to work for months, if not years, to get their in-law in a position to do what you got yours to do in a just a very few minutes. Get on him and enjoy the ride for as long as you possibly can. Enjoy him, and enjoy the cheating!!!

  • Tell him that if he ever hopes to get any more of that dripping wet p**** of yours he has to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill. Otherwise, just practice denying that that two of you hooked up, in case he ever decides to share that event with the family. He's not likely to ever tell, because it's in his best interest NOT to tell, but you should be prepared. Good luck.

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