What I did on holiday

I was on holiday with my husband in Spain, it was a holiday that I booked because I wanted to go back to the same hotel that we were at last year. For two reasons, 1) I liked the hotel 2) on the last night the barman kissed me and said he found me very attractive.

We arrived in the Hotel bar at about 9am my husband suggested we sit at the bar as it would be easy to get a drink, that's fine by me I thought.

Sure enough it was the same guys behind the bar and the drinks started to flow, every time my husband ordered me a drink the barman gave me two. I was getting really drunk and my short dress was nearly up to my waste as I sat on the bar stool.

I was now that drunk I did not think about what may happen next. I told my husband I needed the toilets and made my wife there, leaving him at the bar. When I came out the guy from the bar was waiting for me, he took me by the hand to a staff passage, he then started to kiss me and told me how he missed me, I was so turned on, anyway one thing lead to another, my knickers were on the floor, my dress was round my neck with my bra, like a thick scarf and this guy was having his way with me.

I then got dressed as best I could the only problem was my knicker were missing along with my bra, what I didn't realise was that my short white dress had somehow got quite wet and was see through.My husband started at me when I came back and when I sat on the stool I showed the bar my womanhood. My husband took me by the hand back to our room.

I just had to tell someone what I did, and can I blame the drink or deep down was it all planned in my mind/ heart as I booked the same hotel

Thank you Cx

Dec 29, 2015

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  • How did you explain your lost underwear to your husband? I did a similar thing, I didn't f*** anyone else but on a night out I removed my knickers and bra, also fingered my self so I was smelly and wet, as my hubby had been neglecting me. At home I pretended to be drunk so he put me to bed and I pretended to be asleep and he f***** me hard and pulled out and c** in my mouth

  • The next morning he was rough with me demanding to know who I had f*****, I explained what I did, he looked disappointed. So I straddled him slid down his c*** my saggy t*** swaying as I f***** him and asked " do you want me f***** by someone else and covered in s****" he said yes and shot his load up my c***, I sucked him clean and said ok if you lick my spunky c***

  • Too many spelling mistake this guy could my get this bullshit out quickly enough f*** off you f*****

  • F*** you you illiterate w*****

  • Don't kid yourself. you wanted it. nothing wrong with that, tho.

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