I met a "guy" when i was with my friend and her bf we had some drinks and it was fun. I never told my bf about this occasion thinking i wouldnt run into this "guy" again. However i did. he showed up at the bar when i was with my bf on my birthday. the night was ending and my bf n i got into a fight he left me at the bar. i went home with my friend and her bf & the "guy" i failed to tell my bf because i was mad at him for leaving me at the bar on my birthday! well the next day i got the "guys" num from my friend and we have been texting sinse.. i love my bf but he can be a j*** at times... I just found out that my bf and the "guy" work together.. i am nervous that this texting thing i got will get to my bf.

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  • Stop being a dumb w****.

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