That i just lied to my ex's girlfriend i told her that i was in a long distance relationship which is basically no lie it is just with Jesus christ. that he knows vince neal from motley crue which jesus christ knows who he is I did not specify who he was and i think i no her a little bit to where she hurried up and called him and told him what i wrote i do not doubt that one bit but my ex needs to hear the truth that kids are actually hurting him i do not wish him bad at all just want him to hurt his kids are liars, theives, and even users they can about a person but let a grown up get involved with a good person and his kids will destroy any relationship that he gets with so s**** him his kids tye, cai are liars, i want them to get back what they dished out liars and thieves should be prosacuted to the fullest good thing i no who my savior is

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  • You seriously need help chum, not just with your f***** up mental state but also with your spelling and grammar. Give up the writing gig.

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