Jews have a special relationship with God that doesn't require a

Jews have a special relationship with God that doesn't require them to worship God through Jesus Christ.

Jesus was the Messiah for Gentiles not the Jewish people.

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Arrived at the art gallery only to be bound and gagged again

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  • Jesus came for lost sheep of the house of Israel. It wasnt until the mystery revealed to Paul that the church was created for gentiles

  • Jesus came for the Jews. He gave his life for all and gave so freely to the Gentiles as the Jews did not accept him.

  • The Jews did not accept Jesus as the Messiah because the Messiah is supposed to usher in a period of peace and a fellowship of man. Jesus not only failed to make that happen but things got much worse after his Crucifixion. Religious wars came about. To this day people of different societies fail to get along even fellow Christians. Christ did nothing for the Jewish people except make their situation worse. Jesus caused wars not prevent them and hate between groups is very common. That's the way it was then and that's the way it is now.

  • Jews are Satan’s Spawn, and they all deserve to die for being great big murdering liars, the Jews killed more Christians then Muslims have, if I could, I’ll wipe out the Jews and their Jewish controlled media too. I ** them all up and send them all scream to ** itself.

  • You need your head examined. I'm not jewish but I think you're crazy.

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