I want to accept Jesus Christ as my savior and better myself. :)

Aug 3, 2011

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  • So do it. Religion is like a p3nis, dear... it's fine to have one, but don't expect people to appreciate having it randomly shoved down their throats.

    Oh wait, I forgot which site I'm on...

  • You don't need Jesus to better yourself

  • Don't listen to those lost souls. They are the spawn of Satan and live and breath to keep everyone away from Salvation. When they are roasting forever with Satan in H***, you will be with the Lord in heaven evermore. I surround this post with the power of the Holy Spirit to keep the Evil One's butt boys at bay, in JESUS name! Amen!

  • f*** you

  • me too :)

  • If by better you mean a mindless sheep then go for it. Stupid c***.

  • wake the f*** up & realize that there is no god, ya dumb herb

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