GOD IS LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING AND MERCIFUL! JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD IS LOVING AND MERCIFUL AND FORGIVING!! THEY HEAR ALL PRAYERS AND ANSWER THEM ALL! if life is going wrong or if life is going great seek jesus christ. say that sinners prayer. ask jesus to live in ur heart forever and take over your mind body and soul. once you say that prayer you are forgiven. he will take your sin and throw it behind his back and forget it! he loves you so much and he has called your name! he paid for already! go to him!!!! the end will one day come! get saved through jesus christ today!!!!

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  • Those who can't make a compelling argument by reason tend to scream and shout, and use FULL CAPS LOCK.

  • The very concept of sin comes from the Bible. Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making! Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage?

  • You want a three way with God and Jesus don't u

  • It's hard to take you seriously when your "confession" starts with three-and-a-half lines of capital letters.

  • That's how fundamentalist Christians type, in FULL CAPS, rather like they preach or rather SHOUT.

  • Religion is great for those who have faith, those people are blessed. I just don't understand why an "omnipotent" God, who does not need anything, would create humans to worship him. If he does love humans then why create them knowing that in the future they would fall into sin and some would spend an eternity in h***. Yes, he gave humans free will, but why create humans in the first place knowing that even just one person would go to h***? Some may say he wanted humans to live in heaven for eternity but my question is this : Was it worth creating humans for the sake of them worshipping him even though he does not "need" anything (omnipotent, omnicient)knowing also that there would be rejection of him and an eternity of h*** awaiting those who did so?

  • I bet God loves blind people who believe everything they're told...

  • Message understood my sister or brother. Jesus never said you had to be educated. He just want you to be dedicated. That guy can write with mastery skills but still never understand the mysteries that God has given us. You know God's foolishness can confound the wise.

    God Bless you.

  • You should be asking Jesus for some help with your basic writing skills.

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