I possibly got my black housemaid pregnant. I'm white.

My parents worked while I was going to college and I had developed a fondness for our maid. She did the housework while I studied or watched TV or whatever. I was twentyone and she was in her early thirties I think.

To make a long story short it was my birthday and I was alone in the house with her. She had no money for a birthday present so she suggested we have s**.

I was not a virgin but I had not had s** in awhile and while she was no beauty she wasn't ugly.

Ok we get through and here it is five months later and shes pregnant enough to show.

It may not be mine but being young and healthy and using no protection her baby sure could be mine. Since it was her idea in the first place I feel she should have used birth control. The pills and condoms are free in her community.

I'm waiting on pins and needles waiting for the child to be born. My parents don't know and I dread facing the music when and if they find out.


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  • The child could be yours or someone else's. Just a point of education: when you engage in s**, you're equally responsible for the outcome of things. Women may or may not protect themselves, so you should make sure that you use birth control if you don't want children yet. Last thing, get a paternity test if you truly believe the child is yours. Sweating it out is only causing you more stress.

  • I'm the op with an update. DNA disproves my paternity.

  • I think you better call Maury Povich. He is an expert in these matters!

  • Was her p**** shaved

  • .......jesus....n******..........

  • What does she say about the baby's paternity? Is she pointing at you? Or does she really have no idea who the father is?

  • All she is saying is that the baby could be mine.

  • Was she shaved

  • Was her p**** good ?

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