that is so messed up

Okay, so there was this guy who liked me from like October-June. He was kinda obsessed with me and kept talking to my friends about me and found out where I lived and stuff. I tried to ignore him, rejected him when he asked me out and acted really mean. I was so excited at the end of the school year when he was graduating and I'd never have to see him again. But then near the end of June he decided he hated me and moved on to my sister! They are going out now. I think I'm going to puke!

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  • Jeez, why is everyone being so mean? I don't know about you, but I can take a hint, & when someone doesn't like me, I don't keep intruding upon their lives, visit their houses, or date their sisters. This guy is WEIRD. I say we gather our pitchforks & visit HIS house. & light it on fire. Yay!

    Oh wait, you are just jealous!! HAHAHAHA. Wut?

  • He could have had the hots for both of them and Plan B moved into action. Who knows. It is odd, but there has been weirder ** happen out there. Like brothers who end up loving each others wife more than their own, so swap and live happily.

  • thats disgusting. why would a guy like some girl for that long then move on to her sister? what the ** is that?

  • You are mad cause he doesn't like you anymore! Ha Ha classic. We only want what we can't have!!! If he were available, you woudl probably still hate him!!!!

  • . this guy sounds like a real ** hole who doesn't know what rejection is. you guys are idiiots for saying this is controllling. try having it happen to you you ** pieces of **.

  • What do you care? Stop trying to ba sucha controlling little **.

  • You acted mean when you didn't need to be. A reasonable rejection so he clearly understands would have worked.

    As for your sister, thats none of your concern. Shes a big girl and should know that he's obsessive. Act like a adult and offer support when its asked for and leave it alone. That is unless he intrudes on family matters or really causes disruptions.

    The relationship between you and him is clearly known. Just wait for the 'told you so' moment for your sister. Now, if this is a round about way of him being closer to you and makes a move or abuses you, inform your sister so its her job to confront him.

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