I was wrong. So wrong.

Three years ago this June, I married a woman who was working as a nude dancer and occasional prostitute. I fell in love with her. I really did. She said she wanted to get out of that life. That she needed to get out of it, that it was killing her (drink, drugs and frequently unprotected s**). She cried about it and swore she would never go back to it. I was certain she meant it. Things were fine for the first year. But then she started going out again with her friends from the life. And soon she was talking outcalls once in a while for the money. Then sometimes she'd go back to the club and dance, or take a bachelor party or a corporate gig for big fees. By our second anniversary, she was gone from our home at night more often than she was there. And when she came home, she smelled of booze and dope and c**. Even at 37, she looks great and men want her, and she can still make good money. But what we have now could only be called a marriage by some twisted definition of the word. I made a mistake and I don't think I can continue it. I'm afraid I'm going to have to divorce her because apparently I'm not enough of a man for her, and I don't have what it seems to take to keep her from stripping, or from having s** in the VIP room, or from turning tricks. It's painful and humiliating.


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  • Sorry to tell you, your marriage is over. She will never change and you deserve better. Get a divorce and find someone worthy of your love and respect. Take care.

  • I genuinely appreciate your honesty. My friends never liked her, so they are just repeating what they always said about her. But to hear the truth from someone who has no agenda and no stake in this, well, it's more realistic and just rather true. Thank you for your candor and your kindness.

  • It's also possible that her sexual behavior is more influenced by her drug use than just some general inclination toward an edgy sexuality. She may need to go to rehab and get clean -- and then STAY clean -- in order to stop the questionable sexual activities. Just a thought.

  • A s*** once, a s*** forever.

  • Without really knowing her or her background and how she fell in "the life", we can guess that maybe she was sexually abused when she was younger. There's a strong possibility that the stripping, money and the attention from men is filling a void, she equates that with love. It has nothing to do with you or the marriage. So don't think that you are not enough of a man. If your marriage is really going to work, she probably needs some serious counseling and deal with her demons and maybe for you to really consider moving far away - not let her "old" friends be so accessible. Not sure how you not give her an ultimatum..work on the marriage or continue stripping.

  • This is strange. My wife is relatively normal but f**** around a lot, she strips for cash, joins her friends for threesomes but I love coming home to hearing her screaming as she is getting f***** by a guy I've never seen before. Sometimes I'll hide and w*** off. Other times I throw him out and finish f******, albeit she feels used and stretched. But I guess I like weird s*** like that.

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