she sounded like a pig squealin!

this is the best confession I have. I was gettin shitfaced at my friends house and this one kids girlfriend had a friend with her and she had a smart mouth on her. she thought she was the s*** meanwhile she was short and weighed like 140lbs. she had a cute face and huge tittys but that was it. everybody was f***** up and she started wrestling with this one kid and I guss he hit her or something cause she was freakin out and really trying to fight people. I almost smacked the b**** in the mouth. she was saying everyone was talking about her the whole night and she threw her drink on my boys g/f and then it was on. those 2 were fightin then we all broke it up but she kept talkin all kinds of s*** and swingin on dudes and s*** so we taught her a f***** lesson. we stripped the fat c*** and hogtied her and dumped all kind of food and condiments all over her. I think she was having a seizure cause she was squealin like a fat pig!!! she was doin this weird breathing and making crazy sounds it was so f***** funny!!! she was screaming she's blind cause of s*** being poured in her eyes. 2 girls kicked her for like 5 minutes then she got dragged across the floor by her hair. she said she was going to the cops but nothing ever happened from that and it's been a few months now. we ended up dragging her outside and letting her loose but she was still naked!!! she took the cover off the porch swing and had to walk home.

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  • that is f****** disgraceful, sick b******.

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