Life of a flasher

I'm a 52' man & all my life I've been first and foremost, a flasher. Although I do mean " all my life", it only became interesting to anyone when I started flashing for sexual reasons. In school I was always one of the smaller boys and very shy. I was the only boy in third year secondary school who still had no body hair at all and a little boys willie. I was always trying to hide it in communal toilets or changing rooms but my friends, mainly Brian, never missed a chance to show off his genuinely huge, big c*** off by humiliating me with forced comparisons. I was just a wee boy and everything I thought I knew about s** was a shameful secret. By the time I was eighteen I seemed to be the only guy in the world that couldn't get a girlfriend so yet again I felt shame & humiliation over my failings. I'd pretend I wasn't interested in girls but really s** was all I could think about. Something had to happen I guess and it was really at that age (18) that I decided that the closest I'll ever be to having s** would be to show my naked body to as many girls as I dared. It took years for me to become the prolific, accomplished flasher I became. I'd flash at all my neighbours by parading myself naked at any window I could. I also loved sneaking about at night in woods, parks, lanes or anywhere possible. The filthier the better. Building sites & farms were always good for some thick, black, smelly mud and I'd pretty much dive right in any pool of s*** i could find and completely smother myself before creeping about plastered in mud & s**** for hours at a tine. I didn't know at the time but i needed to share this with someone else. How can I even feel embarrassed when nobody knew about my ridiculous perversions'? I needed to expose myself to girls in a way that won't frighten them. The obvious choice was (i thought) to only expose myself to groups of girls. At least two'. I was a dedicated flasher for at least a year before I grew the b**** to actually go for it. Back then I thought I'd be safe so long as I hid my face so wearing nothing but one of my mums scarves to cover my face & hair, I'd climb from my bedroom window and creep through gardens to places I hoped would present the opportunities needed. I used to hide in the hedges in gardens near bus stops and watch the night busses to see who all gets off, how many groups, which way they went etc'. Sometimes I just couldn't wait anymore and had to expose myself like that to lone girls even though I realised that a naked man wearing a mask in the middle of the night could be very scary to a woman on her own. The first time I properly flashed at anyone was one of my first friends and a former neighbour but I hadn't spoken to her except in school for years. She got off the bus with her older sister and started heading home. I knew where they lived and I knew the area intimately. It was now or never.
My career begins
When I saw Angie & her big sister Linda who was at least seventeen at the time walking home from the late bus I was hiding across the road from them under a garden hedge wearing nothing but a scarf hiding my hair & face. I knew exactly which roads they'd take on their one kilometer walk home. I followed them all the way to about a hundred yards from their house trying all the while to make them turn around and see me but they didn't look. I was up at least four garden paths they had to pass too. I was on my back waving my legs in the air trying to catch their eye and let them see the desperate, sexually inadequate laying right front of them but they were too busy talking to each other to notice me. I was running out of time! Fortunately their house faced an open park and by bow I was feeling invisible. When they reached the part of the road opposite the park I ran right past them and stopped right across the two lane road about twenty feet in front of them and finally they saw me. Angie was first to see me because Linda was too busy talking. "OH LOOK" she shouted pointing at me. When she did look' Linda took on her role as 'big sister' and tried to show her little sister how to deal with this "FUKIN PERVERT, P****, FLASHER, F***** POOF" and lots more abuse and insults. Then she started threatening me too shouting I'm a "F***** DEAD MAN, YOU'RE GETTIN YER C*** KICKED IN YA WEE F***** POOF" ect'. On and on she went shouting abuse at me. During the night around 3:30am sound really travels too so it seemed like something was happening here, but as I looked around I didn't see anyone looking. I also knew that nobody could catch me here cos' I'm just so fast and knew my way around here intimately. By then I'd already started my lifelong habit of keeping my entire body hair completely hair free and oiling up before I go out flashing. So I danced and posed as Linda continued with her verbal attack. Angie never said anything. She just spent the whole time just starting at me with my smooth, shiny body and wee, pink, hard willie.

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