I hate this site.

Everytime I've ever tried to confess, there's always that one person who feels the need to insult in some way or other.

It's disguisting that even anonymously people can still be awful.
Secrets aren't meant to be answered, I came here trying to talk to no one.

Can't wait til this gets verified and I get to read what you have to say.

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  • About 3/4 of the 'confessions' on here aren't. they're made up stories, requests for advice (always a stupid move) and just plain trolling. genuine confessions are in the minority, in spite of what it says on the tin. were you not capable of figuring that out yourself?

  • I see your point, but you have to know the audience you are confessing to is not very sensitive. Besides, how can these internet addicted idiots hurt your feelings, they don't know you.

  • Okay, confess. Then don't come back. People comment on this site, you know this. If you don't like it find another site.

  • confessing is cathartic. No one is actually asking for advice.
    the act of confessing is the part that helps you.
    the act of commenting and making you look like a ponce is the part that helps us.

  • Double n*****.

  • Maybe it's because random internet strangers aren't the best therapists?

  • Good point.

  • nou

  • shut the f*** up your post sucks

  • There are actually other sites which don't allow comments on the confessions. They'e the ones I actually use- I just come on here for a laugh.

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