okay im f***** p*****. i went out with

okay im f***** p*****. i went out with this chick for like ten months and she wouldnt out out for anything seriously...like she was uncomfortable with just having my arm around her! And if she even heard the word: "s**," not even used as meaning intercourse, even if it was used in the context of "gender," she would be like "dont use that word, i've had bad dreams about it." so i'm just like the h*** with this, and i broke it off. then she like stalks me for about another 6 months, even when i got another gf (who im not broken up with cuz ironically she's a f***** s***)But the fact is she's f***** psychotic! she wouldnt leave me the h*** alone and she was always tryin to get me to go out w/ her again and im like no leave me alone but i was tryin not to be mean so i didnt quite say it like that ya know?

Well anyway...the reason im p***** is, is that even tho one of my buds knew she's a freakin lunatic...he decides to ask her out, and he doesnt even obey the unwritten "code" where if u ask out a bud's ex, u ask ur bud first right? well idk that he didnt do that cuz i'd have just said fine cuz i dont give a crap about who she goes out with. but anyway, before i staret to ramble, (like i havnt alread...duh)I just get news that this little goody-psycho-2-shoes who wouldnt put out even in the least bit, gave him a f***** handjob in her house while her parents were in the next f***** room over! and ik he isnt just sayin it to sound cool, cuz the nutshell went around and told all her friends about it and then they told more ppl, so it got to me a few times cuz everyone knew that we had gone out.

y they would think that i wanted to know, i havnt the foggiest idea. but i just know that when i found out from multiple sources, i could tell it wasnt a lie, and i just wanted to f***** vomit right then and there cuz i dont wanna be hearin about his fire hose and what she does with it!

and my current gf puts out a little, but not very much,. we've been together 'bout 6 months and she just let me cup her rack from outside the shirt so im screwed either way, its either a prude, or a s*** who goes off and fools around.

i just know that know when i see my bud and my ex together...i just wannt either puke or take 'em both out with one good right-hook to the base of their jaws.

stupid crazy b**** goes from not leavin me alone, to feelin up my friends in like 2 days! (exaggeration...however u spell it)

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  • you sound like an annoying 14 yr old.
    ugh boys....

  • You have your eye on the prize, thats for sure. But after that then what? Are you only initiating relationships because you want bone anything that will let you? S***.

  • You really need to learn how to pick up your game... yourobviously lame

  • if only every guy would wait 6 months for that

  • dude, you obvisouly need to learn how to get a chick in bed

  • lol

  • forget then why should u care? shes an obvious lunatic and your friend can't be very on to it if he 1) didnt ask you and 2) willing wants to be with someone emotionally unstable

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