i was seeing a guy. it became very serious. i i loved him. but then he lost his job (cuz he was under investigation for fraud) and then every thying changed, not only between us but around us and him.he was very jealous. he moved in with me. then what do u know a short while after i had lost my job too. we were sharing secrets and i told him that i b4 we had met i gave one of my friends boyfriend a b****** at a club. i was really drunk. then he went to them and tell them.cuz he said it upset him, cuz he knows the guy. now not even my best friend speaks to me none of my friends. i had allowed them to also stay with me at my house. and i always helped them when they needed.
Eventually cuz no one had a job in the house we all had to move out so i could get it rented cuz i also had my mom and siblings to think of. me and him moved into my old room. then he got even more jealous in his spirit, not understanding about anything and violent.he hit me numerous amount of times. eventually my mom kicked him out of the house. but we were still seeing each other. there were times he wud just not answer his phone for days then act like it was nothing.always upset for something else. then he started to get loving again.

eventually the investigation ended and they aressted him for fraud and he got six months. i went to look for him once like two..three months ago... and havent been since. i been thinking about visiting him this weekend but not sure if i should just forget about him and move on. his parents doesnt even call me anymore to ask me how i am doing. so i figure that i dont really matter. i really dont know what to do. and have no one to talk to...cuz my friends are gone too :(

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm a "Gay Male"...I love having s** with "Cute, Hot Guys".

  • Give him time hel make a great husband

  • Move on. Find a job again and just find a guy who isn't poison.

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