Ok here goes... people think im so nice

Ok here goes... people think im so nice and friendly but deep down i am a real fcuken b****! i think horrible things about other people and i say things behind their backs, i get told i am gorgeous all the time and love it cos i think i am to, i hate fat people cos they strike me as lazy and i feel like i am better than them. i can't handle rejection. and my temper is horrible. i am dating the sweetest most attractive guyn in the whole world who i treat like crap becos i am bored of him now. i am addicted to s**/shopping/money and i am totally full of myself. i can't help it i don't know what i have done wrong i think it could be from being told how nice looking i am and great i am at everything and having people suck up to me all the time. F*** i don't enjoy feeling like this. and more than anything i want to be a good person and treat my boyfriend and other people how they deserve to be treated. but i have tried a million differnt things including buddism classes which way the biggest waste of an hour. but nothing changes i am just a b**** with an attitude problem.

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  • your confession really turns me on. I love hearing about mean powerful manipulative women. I almost blew my load reading this!

  • the only thing left to do is swallow a knife. there's one right next to you now.

  • hahaha you are sad... if you really were mean then you would talk shiet to people while they are around.. i think you are too puzzy to say things to people because you are too scrawney to back up your words.. yep... confessing about being mean... thats just retarted... come back and confess when you have a real problem.. ill rape you if i ever see you ... Mykie ^^

  • I heard Berry Robinson is the best one.

  • Look here b**** get a life and take yo ass to a treatment facilty b****........

  • how hard can it be to be the person you really want to be? fake it until you make it.

  • You are going to do what you want to do... no matter what. Change what you want and you'll change what you do. IF you decide it is too much work... better start looking PAST the image in the mirror... and see the lazy person you are on the inside.

  • please get a life

  • since u know the problem, it isn't hopeless, however whats on the inside eventually makes it into your life, and if u don't change ur views, people will soon see the real you.

  • There is a cure for you. I don't mean anything nasty or sexual. You want to be the good person you know you really and truly are...I mean under the shallow b#$!%. YOU KNOW you're better than that. Here's the secret. "Conquer your ego and open your eyes." There's a lot of things out there that are bigger than you, and me and anyone else. You're not in control of anything right now. Think about it...You know what I mean...

  • you know yourself well then that is a good start

  • Maybe you might benifit from some volunteer work with people who are less fortunate than you.

  • You can see what your doing to others around you is wrong. This is the step that very few people can even see they need to take. Well done! You CAN change in time. Its hard but all good things are. All the nice things in the world mean nothing if your not able to like your self.

  • well its good to know im not alone in this...took alot for me to actually write that post and i didnt even realise half the things about myself till it all came flooding out.

  • i wish i could find out who you are.. i want to talk to you because you are just liek me thats F****** INSANE WOW. just know that there is another person like you in this world, and maybe you'll feel better.

  • wow i'm just like that seriously. everyone thinks i'm so calm and s***, but really i'm an evil b******. jesus christ i never knew there could be someone just like me. what the f***.

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